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    Can a teacher insists for special class on holidays and Sundays due to incomplete syllabus ?

    We all know that every school follows the lesson plan provided by the respective teacher covering the portions day wise and some teachers even go faster than required and complete the syllabus before time. But there are some teachers who are habituated to slow teaching and thus insists the students to come on Holidays and even Sundays to complete the pending syllabus. It is the mistake of the teacher and for that why should the students be denied their regular holidays and Sundays. Please give your comments on this.
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    Some teachers go fast, some very slow. I really feel irate when some teachers drive slow in their classes and order students to attend classes on holidays.
    When I was in class 10th our social teacher took several evening classes to complete the course, English teacher finished more than 70% of syllabus just 2 month before the final exam.
    I don't understand why such type of teachers appoint in schools, who always take leaves by dumping the classes without completing the courses. Such teachers are simply killing the students career and future.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Teaching and learning cannot be bound by such rules and regulations which are generally applied in factories. The children have to focus on their studies themselves and in case, unfortunately, the teacher is not very good then alternate methods should be applied for learning. Most of the subjects can be learnt through self-studies. Generally, extra classes etc. are organized for average students. If the teacher is not good then otherwise also he/she is not going to be of much help in explaining the fundamentals.

    However, in no case, the teachers should be antagonised particularly those who have powers to award grading and marks in the practicals or project work. As a matter of fact, no teacher should be antagonised in any case. It should be accepted as a fate to not get good teachers instead of trying to fight with the system or reform the system or teacher.

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    There are some teachers who teach slowly but perfectly. I think there is nothing wrong if such teachers give extra classes. On the other hand, there are some teachers who won't teach at the beginning of the academic year and teach everything at the end of the year in regular classes and extra classes. Such classes must not be encouraged. Even if a student attends such a class, he/she can't understand the subject.

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    It is purely the responsibility of the teachers to complete the syllabus on time. Even if they are not able to follow the lesson plan provided by the school then at least they should consider their personal leave hours and prepare a new schedule for themselves to complete the portions on time. If they follow their own schedule then definitely they can complete the portions amidst their personal work. But most of the teachers are not following a proper schedule and because of that they ran short of time and finally they make the students to attend the extra classes on holidays. Because of the irresponsibility of one person, the students are getting affected. The students are given holidays only during festivals and on weekends. That too many schools conduct classes on Saturday also. The only day the students can enjoy is Sunday. So the teachers should allow their students to enjoy, instead of taking extra classes on Sunday.

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    All will say that it is totally the responsibility of the teacher to finish the syllabus on time and why the students will waste their holidays to finish the syllabus which was not completed by his/her teacher on time, but we should also respect the teachers feeling because he/she might be having some problem or anything like that which make him/her not to finish the syllabus on time and if we as a student getting the chance of completing our syllabus then why not we should learn because at last it will help us not our teacher, because for bad marks we will be criticized not our teacher.
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    Some times unexpected bandh call by political parties and shut down of school also have effect on teaching portions and that would slow down.
    K Mohan
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