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    Are the days of Jim Corbett returning? A man-eating tiger in U.P. village!

    A man-eating tiger has created panic in Lakhimpur Kheri of Uttar Pradesh since 15th August, 2016. Despite repeated attempts of capture, the tiger in Lakhimpur Kheri village is still roaming free after having killed three people since 15th August. Two of its victims were killed within 24 hours! Forest officials have been trying to bait the tiger but the latest effort resulted in failure as the tiger was able to get the bait but avoided capture. Officials are hoping that the tiger will not attack any more humans as it has recently eaten half of a calf. The residents of the village are living a life in fear. They are unable to move out to attend to their crops. Children have been advised to stay indoors and are missing schools. The villagers say that if the tiger is not captured, it will strike, probably a human, by the weekend.

    The conservationists feel that of late the number of tigers and leopards in India has been increasing although the forest cover is shrinking. So, more and more man-animal conflicts will be witnessed in near future!
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    Humans are increasing despite being a species of animals only, though all other species of animals particularly the wild animals are decreasing.

    As a matter of fact, the wild animals are not encroaching the human's space, instead, the humans are encroaching their space by cutting forests. The humans have a natural instinct of encroachment. They encroach roads and footpaths, public places and such other available open space in the cities also. Luckily the humans have voting powers, so they are protected by the local politicians in the city.

    Since the wild animals have no voting power, they get no political protection. One of the possible solutions may be to give voting powers to the wild animals also to elect public representatives who are generally more wild than humane in nature.

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    It is indeed true that animal habitats are shrinking and animals are forced to venture into human territories, for food and resources. Deforestation and human interference changes animal behaviour and food preferences. As animals and humans live closer to each other, the wild animals may lose any fear or inhibitions of humans. When forests are turned into farmlands due to the change in behaviour towards humans, instead of hunting for difficult or hard to find or catch, wild boars or other animals, which are equally suffering due to human interference, the leopard and tigers may find domestic animals and people, easy to hunt. Such animals create terror to the locals until they are captured or put down and there ends the story. People forget everything about it as time goes by and continue to venture into the jungle or continue to attract the already starving wild animals, with there livestock and soon another wild animal is turned into a man eater. Many animals die because of human interference and negligence, but as population grows, the demand for food and resources grow too, people turn to deforestation and loss of habitats continue to happen until animals are pushed to the verge of extinction.

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    Earlier I raised a thread where I mentioned that tiger has been sighted at Askot in Uttarakhand. Askot is located at such a height which is not the natural habitat of tigers. I think this happened due to shrinkage of jungle. This may cause human-animal conflict in that locality also.
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    It is indeed like a story of any film but it isn't, it the really story where people are leaving in fears and are scared that their life is in the jaws of tiger. Yeah officials are trying to catch the tiger and it is also true that they are human not god and they are also have to take precautions before going to catch tiger, they are trying every bit of their knowledge to get him but he is also smart and smart enough to know the human bait. As on the other part the children who should learn about tiger story are living in the fear of real tiger.
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