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    Do people have many questions and feel shy in asking?

    I personally have many questions but find in awkward or embarrassing to ask it. Therefore, I feel that it is possible in case of other people also.

    Often we find no proper forum to raise such questions or a right person to whom to ask such questions. It depends on the nature of questions also. Very personal type of questions cannot be raised in a public forum.

    My first such question is that do all people have many unanswered questions with them and few unfortunate one leave this world even without knowing answers to their questions?

    Do people have many questions and feel shy in asking?
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    It totally depends on the nature of the person we are addressing,their age,their behaviour and way of thinking.The human mind is so complex and so are our relationships and our feelings associated with them.Everyone has a different comfort level with different type of people.For example, a girl may feel shy about talking about her personal matters with her mother but not so with her friend or sister. It may be the opposite case for some girls also. Talking on a public forum about personal matters may not be a wise decision but if one is comfortable doing so with particular people , then it can be of help to an introvert type of person.
    Yes, many questions remain unanswered throughout our life sometimes as we fear to face them or the people associated with them.

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    Yes! I've a lot of questions to ask but don't know how to ask and where to ask. My mind is puzzling with many questions every time, day and night. Somehow I'm able to ask in ISC like forum and ask expert sections, but fails to post many private questions here.
    Matters also concerned to sex, religion, practices, experience, education, age, health, opinion, dreams, thoughts, society, political issues, etc which are unable to ask and discuss in public.

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    Yes! like others I too have many questions to ask but that are so personal I really feel embarrassing to ask in public forum, and when I feel that the question answer should be known by me then I ask to my close friends whom I feel comfortable to ask, I ask them and they are so helpful they never make any nuisance or joke on my question, I really thanks god for giving me so wonderful friends and at the same time I also think what will happen if they leave my friendship and leaves me in this bad world alone.
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    Yes many people feel shy to ask questions just because they will be banged by the opposite person for irritating them with unwanted questions. Asking questions starts from the kid age and that is the good habit because it will help the mind to develop and know many things. If a child asks question from his tiny age, surely he wont have the shy feeling even he become big in age. Asking question means you are going to clarify the matter with further details. Normally any speaker would be interested to have the questions from audience. If every one is shy and wont ask then the meeting would be dumb with no activity.
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