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    Is unemployment the major reason for the increased crime rate in India?

    Unemployment is one of the major problems in India. In particular many graduates, doctors and engineers are jobless in India. Unemployment leads to poverty and it lowers the economic rate of a family. Because of this unemployment, the Indian youths are facing more stress mentally and physically. To reduce the mental stress many people are getting addicted to alcohols and drugs. To earn more money, the unemployed youths are doing robbery, murder and other illegal activities. In India, nowadays most of the crimes are being done by the graduates who are unemployed. Unemployment makes the young people to earn more money in a wrong way and because of that the crime rate in India is also high.

    Is unemployment the major cause for the increased crime rate in India? Share your opinions.
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    An 'educated' person never commits a crime and a 'competent' person never remains unemployed. The emerging scenario is primarily due to 'fake educated' persons. The quality of education has got devaluated which has led to a situation of unemployment.

    The students are shying away from doing hard work in studies and instead preferring to buy a degree easily available in many non-descript private colleges. They are tempted to be decorated with a sub-standard degree instead of preferring to join skill based courses like ITI courses. Even the traditional skilled workers like masons, carpenters, electricians or motor mechanics, who are without having any formal certificate are earning more than even a B.Tech. or MBA degree holder.

    The process up to buying a degree is the fee payment phase which is easily available but the jobs phase is the receiving or earning phase where the employer pays only in return for doing something worthwhile for which no capability is existing.

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    It is not employment, I think uneducated. This is because; lack of education causes to unemployment, and unemployment leads to crime.
    One of my friend's brother is a gangster. All of their family members are well educated except that person. That's why I always think why he's stepped into that path by not doing any business and job. The think is he is younger among six cousins and due to his negligence in studies and improper guidance by their parents he has chosen crime and other illegal acts.
    Hence I think education is the reason to crime.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Yes I am also strongly feeling that those who are educated and could not get jobs for reasons beyond their imagination, due to pressure at the home to go and fetch some money for the family the , youth are getting diverted and resorting to easy and illegal method of earning and that includes stealing and getting in to wrong company to get financially benefited. In the recently concluded Olympics at RIo. it is now come to the light that so many robberies have taken place in Brazil and most of them were the educated youth who were seen stealing and snatching every thing they could from the passerby and mind it all these are recorded in the camera.
    K Mohan
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    I believe that even educated people commit crimes. Many people think that educated people will get jobs and the people who purchased degrees won't get jobs. The people who are purchasing degrees are also purchasing jobs. The educated people who don't have jobs are frustrated with the system and are moving toward the easiest way to earn money. There are many criminals who are having masters degree etc,.

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