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    Request to increase the credit points for various activities at

    The points you awarding for various activities at India study channel is very low. you should increase
    the minimum points for new thread-10, article-100, ask expert-15, response-10 and the upper limit you can decide. these all activities are time and resource consuming. we should get fair rewards in return.
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    As an ordinary member of ISC, I have no other option but to support the suggestion of the author of the thread in principle though I am not very hopeful about the same. Adoption of such a system will increase the overall financial burden of the ISC as the rule will have to be applied in general in case of all the members.

    The following are my specific comments about various sections -

    1. Presently in the forum section, the points are awarded by the system based on the length of the response subject to post-moderation by the editors. The system cannot read the quality of the contents which is evaluated manually by the editors. Increase in minimum system generated points, again subject to the post-moderation by the editors is not likely to have much impact, not even in the case of RSB as the enhanced minimum point system will apply in case of all the members.

    2. In the article section, the contents are pre-approved and quality is pre-evaluated prior to publication. Even at present, certain articles of exceptional quality are awarded 100 points or even more.

    3. The quality of the answers is pre-evaluated in the case of answers posted in the ask expert section and in case of outstanding answers of exceptional quality 10 points or even more are awarded in exceptional cases.

    I see no point in increasing the minimum points only.

    Perhaps the author should have raised an appeal for increasing the quality of contents also in the various sections of ISC.

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    I am in complete agreement in overhauling the cash credits system for a lot of the quality contributions made by the members.

    1. I support the idea of increasing cash credits for good forum threads. At present, for such threads, we give minimum 5 points and 3cc and maximum 10 points and 10cc. Once in a while we have even awarded superlative threads with 25 points and 25cc. I think if members come up with really good threads we could give 15 points and 15 cc maximum. By a good thread I would mean not just posting on a particular topic and eliciting opinions of members, but also the thread's author coming up with some views of his/her own too.

    2. Similarly, we could give enhanced points and cc for all the good responses in every thread which has some worthy topic of discussion. I think forum editors must do this regularly, meaning check out each thread more thoroughly and award quality responses well. Just so that quality threads and responses don't get missed out, forum editors should each Saturday/Sunday check out the back pages.

    3. I also support the need to give better cash credits for answers in the Ask Experts section. I feel that when a really informative answer has been given with complete information, why not give points and cc on the higher side, even 20 to 30? Some of the answers are such that they are miniature invaluable articles in themselves! I am sure quite a few members may be frustrated at getting just 3 to 4 cc for in-depth answers.

    With regard to articles, we do give much higher points and cc than ever before, the maximum being Rs.120/-. So here at least I think the points and cash credits system is fine. Note too that we give extra points and cc for good inter-linking, whether it is links to other articles or to other sections, such as the Learn English one or the Study Abroad one or to individual pages, such as a course page or a university/school/college page.

    Managing Editor,

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    Well when compared to past, the points and cash credits have increased but based on quality contributions as opined by the ME , the ISC can consider increasing cash credits and also points. The author may note that previously for raising a thread the author was given just one point and the response giving members used to get many points. So that discouraged many members from shying away from raising the threads. Now that has been removed and a detailed message raised can get you five points. But I strongly support for minimum five rupees as cash credits instead of one or two given for article reviews.
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    Mr. N K Sharma : Do you mean the increase of points or cash credits? Anyways, these are my suggestions.
    1) To increase the points and cash credits for ask expert answers : I wrote some article sized answers for some ask expert questions but earned only 4 points and 4 cash credits or so for them. At least points may be increased for long and informative answers.
    2) To increase the points for forum responses : There are forum responses which are equal to two 5 point forum responses in size. They may be given 10 points i.e. maximum limit can be changed from 5 to 10.

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    I thanks all the three authors(#576793 Author: Kailash Kumar, #576801 Author: Vandana ,#576802 Author: K Mohanin) understanding the concern and supporting the move.I appeal to some more authors to come forward.

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    My main issue is Forum responses. I feel that the subsequent responses of a particular Member who has raised a thread carry only 1 point for each subsequent response, which should be changed. At the same time, in the GD, only first two responses of a Member carry 5 points (each). Subsequent responses from the same Member carry less points. I feel that this system is also required to be changed. Any response should be given appropriate points credit based on the quality of input-there should be no restriction whatsoever.
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    Yes, I think that the author had said right that this site should increase there Point level and cash credit because as the days are passing, everything in the country are becoming very expensive and costly for the common man to buy are survive in this expensive world, well what I am saying that this site should also increase their Monthly Revenue Share to 20000 which can be distributed among 20 members, and I think that it will give some more boost to the members to work hard. I might be wrong but I think it will be good for the members, who is working very hard in this site.
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