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    Prize awards is not always money! Appreciation has many forms

    Do you think an award should be in monetary terms alone? Should there not be better options of appreciation? Get involved in the interesting debate in this unique forum thread.

    Encouragement is a must, agreed.But there has to be a limit right! How can the government gift more than necessary. Its our money (public) right. Iam referring to the recent prize money awarded to a sports person. What I opine is that it's a bit more than necessary.
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    In India there is a bad habit that if one starts doling out money to the winners of sports, others will also follow. But the successive governments have failed to create conducive atmosphere for learning the International sports and thus we are getting very low medals.
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    Welcome to ISC. As a first post, this is a good topic which you have raised in our forum. I would just like to request you to please take care of spacing - do leave one space after punctuation. Also, do not put any emoticon symbols please. We wish to encourage the development of English and writing skills of members and these skills tend to go haywire when using SMS type language!

    As for the issue you raised: The problem is not with the amount that is doled out per se, but the ridiculous game of upmanship that the politicians play just to show off that they are capable of giving more than somebody else. I agree too that there must be some reasonable limit on the amount which is awarded. Some cash prize is definitely worth awarding but not in excess. Instead, the money that is available could be given to the development of the sport in terms of better facilities as well as giving the money to ensure sportspersons do not miss out on education - why not pay the academic fees of budding athletes in different fields?

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    The euphoria will soon be over and we will be back to our business as usual. One of the reasons behind the apparent disproportionate amount of prize money is the fact that we won only 1 bronze and 1 silver medal this time. Had the number of winners been more, the prize money would have got distributed among all of them.

    Besides, the cash prizes and land etc. the winners have been awarded 'Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna' also and some 'Padma Awards' may also be announced in future.

    Sakshi Malik, who is presently working as a senior clerk in the Indian Railways will be promoted as a gazetted officer.

    However, the girls have won the medals on the strength of their own dedication, devotion and strength because had the system been able to incubate such talent, then we would have won many more medals.

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    Many will say that money is not everything but the truth is that yes money means everything in this world and the person who don't money, they means nothing to this world, money makes an individual to get respect in this world and I damn sure the person who don't have money they will only understand the real importance of money. It was earlier when self respect are meant everything but now a day money means everything and it is true whether one's likes or not but it is true and if someone have doubt then go and ask a beggar.
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    In a country like ours where parents teach the child "padoge likhoge to banoge nawab kheloge kufoge to hoge kharab" i.e, if you study well you will have a life of king otherwise nothimng I know its not the exact translation but I think its enough to understand, nothing else can be a better encouragement than money.
    A country where still thosands of people sleeps on the footpath thousands can just have two day meal what else could be better encouragement than money.
    Illtirate peoples who can't afford school fee and don't understand thr value od education and force there children to work from very begnnoing will be atleast able to understand this showring of money on sportsperson.
    Even if you watch movie "Milkha Singh" you will see how he entered into sports tempted by a glass of milk, this money will act like the same glass of milk for young brigade of out country i.e, as a first step in the right direction.
    Alsp rather then finding shortcuts to earn money through wrong ways Indian youth will now have a direction.
    I don't think this kind of encoragement is wrong.
    No one raise the question over the huge amount of money paid to cricketrs but when it comes to any olmpyian why people have so many doubts?
    When they have achieved at a such big platform, who are we to judge the amount they should be paid when we have never gone throug those hardships they have gone through?

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    I agree with you. The money awarded to Sakshi Malik was not a huge amount when compared to what the Telugu speaking state governments awarded to P. V. Sindhu. Many people (including me) felt that it is more than enough. A limited amount and unlimited appreciations would have been enough. By the way, welcome to ISC, one of the best web sites in which you can learn as well as earn.

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    I have already stated earlier that these sportspersons have excelled not because of the system, but despite the system. They did hard work and now they have succeeded. I also feel that the prize money awarded to Sakshi Malik is not adequate.However, the positive aspect in her case is that she would not have to face any opposition to pursue her passion.
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    The winners are likely to earn a lot of more money through endorsements of various brands also in coming future.
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    I am surprised! When our corrupt leaders eat hundreds of crore public money and digest, no one raise their voice, right? Here the public money is given for a great cause, people feel it is more than necessary?

    I don't think it is a huge amount compare to the cricketer where they sell in more than this in IPL.

    Neelam Joshi is right, when the huge amount is paid to a cricketer, it all good and great but when the same thing is paid to a Olympic medal winner (who in the real sense deserve ) it is unnecessary?

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    Dear Member,
    I don't wish to write a lengthy response. I will just compare it with a person winning a lottery simply by purchasing a lottery ticket for Rs. 1/- and doing nothing, and a person who worked hard through out the life to win a game to fetch a sum equivalent to the lottery amount or more.

    I would say that it is the luck of that Olympic player that showers in the form of cash. What if all the Indian population of 1.3 billion collect Rs. 1/- each and award it to the medal winning Olympians! Won't they become billionaire through Olympics with a loss of Rs.1/- to each Indian?

    The medal winners are the luckiest lottery winners through Olympics. Also think about Malliah the beer king at this juncture. Did he physically work hard to earn many thousands of crores.

    I remember a joke. Once a foreigner visited Gods own country and did a good job. When he was asked in Malayalam whether he likes to get some money in reward or 'Nanri' in appreciation of his work. The foreigner thought 'Nanri' is greater than money, and accepted to get Nanri. When the Malayali said "Thanks lot", he wondered and asked 'Where is Nanri?' The Malayali said," Nanri means Thanks." The foreigner felt cheated.

    It is right that the two Olympic Lakshmis of India got the blessings of Godess Lakshi and have been rightly awarded with showering cash prizes. Let us be proud.

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    Yeah, money is everything and I fully believe in this but after getting money also if somebody don't get that amount of respect which he or she deserves to be getting then that money I think is useless because that money can give us food, shelter and can increase our bank balance but at the same time if the rich person don't have respect in the eyes of people then all that money is are of waste because we can earn money very easily or with very difficulty but earning respect and honour in the eyes of people is very hard, decades passes but respects are not earned.
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