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    Poor man from Kalahandi, Odisha carried dead body of his wife on shoulder for 10 kilometers.

    Kalahandi is one of the poorest districts of India.
    Dana Majhi's wife Amang Dei age 42 years, died of tuberculosis at a Government hospital in Kalahandi. He had no vehicle to take home his wife's dead body.
    His pleadings for a vehicle were not heeded to by anybody. Therefore he had no other option but to wrap the dead body in a sheet, hoisted it on his shoulder and walk home.
    His 12 years daughter accompanied crying all the way.
    Incidentally, Odisha had launched a 'Mahaparayana' scheme for transporting dead bodies from the hospital free of charge.
    I saw the visual in a television news channel. It will haunt me for many days.
    Should we talk about achievements of India in the field of space technology?
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    You are right Mr. Kailash Kumar. I too saw the video clips in television some hours back. The hospital officials who rejected to provide a vehicle are to blame. Anyways, a new scheme is introduced to prevent such cases in future. Let us hope that the scheme will be implemented successfully. RIP Mrs. Amang Dei. I don't understand one thing here. The man walked for about 10 km and news reporters saw him then. Should they help the man to carry the dead body of his wife or should they just shoot the scene to increase their TRP?

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    Under the National Ambulance scheme every state has been given free ambulance by the Central Government and it can be used for ferrying patients from home to hospital. But it this case the women has died and the person cannot claim ambulance service for taking the dead body. Probably for that reason the hospital must have denied. But nevertheless when a person is poor and pleading for help the hospital should have considered his request and that would have got good name too. But now the person has to carry the dead body for 10 kms and the small child following all the way. Human values also died here.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Mohan Ji- Ambulance service is different, meant for carrying patients only. Dead bodies are not transported in the ambulances.

    Krishna - Nowadays the tendency of the people is to record video of a drowning person instead of saving him/her. The news channels see TRP value only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is really a heart touching scenario for anybody. Nobody can imagine the pain which the family might be having right now, I can only pray for their family and for their children who had just lost their mother, from this we can know what are the condition of the government hospital in small areas, they didn't even have good facility of vehicles to drop the dead at their respective address. I salute to the love of the husband regarding his wife, where we can see all these where husband is giving accompany to his wife till the end of her life. The government should really think on this matter very seriously because the country will progress only if it has the best facility in the smaller areas or villages.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    But Kalilash at hospitals only ambulance are stationed. Today when I viewed the whole news it was now revealed that after the intervention of Collector on insistence of the reporters, a ambulance was arranged to reach the dead body to his village . That means the Collector used her power and helped the poor. But a hospital cannot take such decision.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Normally, vehicles to carry dead bodies are known as a mortuary van or hearse. However, under the newly launched Mahaprayan scheme in Odisha, the family members of the deceased will be provided vehicles to carry the dead bodies of persons who die in hospitals to their homes free of cost. The scheme will be available at all district headquarters hospitals and three medical colleges in the state. Perhaps, in such cases, ambulances may also be used or a separate vehicle may be provided at bigger hospitals attached to the medical colleges.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We can take the sayings like ' chasing the running' or 'meyara maattukku kombula pullu katturathu - tying hay in the horn of the cow which is going to field' Similarly our India is developing the states and villages which already developed by neglecting the villages and cities where the developments needed. Today another news read about the Odisha villager who carries the deadbody by cutting into two halves as there was no ambulance or vehicle available. Not only Odisha many states have such villages where the basic needs of transportation, electricity, water lacks. The nearby city organizers or Government officials should take up this matter to the higher up.

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