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    India spent 810 cr for Olympic and won two medals. That means each costing 405 crs

    In the home or at the office or even a small business man always calculates the cost of the thing he got with that of profit he made so as to evaluate his position or business. Like after the RIO games are over, the Economists of every country are evaluating their money spent and the honor they got. So for India we spent 810 cr and got one silver and one bronze medal. That means each medal cost us 405 crs. But when you compare the same with Britain they spent 274 Million pounds were spent for four years and they got total 67 medals with average working out to 4.1 million pound each. Any comments.?
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    Spending 400 crore is not a proper calculation for each as there are many other additional expenses apart from the sportspersons' expenditure. Sportspersons are traveling through economic class whereas manager and other delegates travel in business class. There is no reason of going number of persons along with the athletes, except their coaches. We must know on which basis and whose account all the expenses were made for the ministers those who travelled to Rio. When the accounts department calculate the whole amount as Rs.810 crore, they must calculate other additional expenses by ministers too. Are they revealed that? No. Then why we are discussing and comparing medals with expenses.
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    The union budget allocated to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is used to fund the National Sports Federations (NSFs) and potential Olympic athletes through the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) and Target Olympic Podium (TOP) program. In addition to the allocation from the union budget, the NSDF is funded through private organisations and PSUs also.

    Over a period of last 4 years i.e. during the period 2012-13 to 2015-16, Rs 750 crore was spent on various sports federations, training centres, coaches and other infrastructure. However, expenditure on athletes was Rs. 22.7 crore through NSDF and Rs 38 crore through the TOP. Under the NSDF and TOP program, total 109 and 97 athletes were covered for Rio Olympics.

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    Well this time in Olympic, our participants have tried a lot but we haven't got the result in our favour. Yeah there are also some of them Like Sindhu, Sakshi who had shown a tremendous respect regarding his country and achieved what they went for there. We should not forget that every country person who went there, just to win not to lose and it's a game we should take that in the sporting spirit and if we compare our unsuccessful participants with money then I think for the next time we will not be seeing any participants from India because who will take the risk of public negligence and bad eyes.
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    I don't think that any country spend money on their athletes just calculating the medals they expect or get as our author has calculated. Medals are the matter of pride, it is a hard work of an athlete and it is matter of pride for any country and not business.

    Sometimes money can not be compared with something and Olympic medals falls in such category.

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