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    How do you feel about the concept of C-Train

    Currently, the urban mass transport systems are developed on hub-and-spoke concept i.e. the commuters from the surrounding areas have to assemble at a pre-fixed place known as a station and then board the train to reach their respective destinations. But the C-Train will reach every area where there is a road of at least 5 meters width.

    The caterpillar train or C-train will have small coached that can seat up to 20 people. The small size of the car will enable it to reach residential areas also. The stations will be a simple platform to be reached through elevators. The system will run on electricity though there will be backup batteries also in the coaches. The coaches will have wheels both on the top and the bottom as well which will allow it to run on tracks as well as under it. The tracks will be elevated supported on arches spanning the sidewalks.

    The concept was mooted by a 43 years old Indian railway engineer Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya, which won him the MIT Climate CoLab competition award.

    Who knows, in future, we may have to just get down from the train on the main road opposite our house. Let us wish the railway engineer all the best.
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    I think this same concept is being done by the Hyderabad Metro Rail project being executed by Larsen and Tourbo and I have seen small coaches of three making trail runs to and fro in the completed area. It seems the coaches are not that big as the regular railway coach. But It is informed by the project contractors that the coaches were imported and not made in India. Here the author claims that the project idea was mooted by Indian and that is really worth appreciating. Now the confusion is if the technology was Indian, then Indian coaches should be used in HMRL . Why should they import the coaches.?
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Ji - I think in the Hyderabad Metro Rail project, the concept of the caterpillar train or C-train is not being applied. The concept of the C-train is still on paper and may take several years in taking a practical shape.
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    But the trial runs being conducted by the HMRL and the coaches I have seen resembles the same specification as mentioned by you. Even I wonders as to how two trains can move to and fro with a small passage being laid on the pillar and on seeing the actual three coach train doing trial runs I revealed the same here. But these coaches are imported from Singapore and they are transported on the big trailers to the train yard at Nagole and Miyapur.
    K Mohan
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    Frankly speaking, I don't think the concept of C-Train would be successful in the vastly populated metro-cities of India. However, the concept of C-Train is still on the drawing board and it may take another ten years to implement such project, even if it is accepted now.
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