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    Deduction of points and money - incentive.

    Sometimes, it becomes difficult to make out why there is deduction of points followed by deduction of money - incentive all of sudden. If the same is being done they should make an explanation so that the affected member is satisfied with the recent action. In the morning at around 8 am, I was surprised to see that deduction of both points ( a deduction of 8 points) and money - incentive ( Rupees 8/-) have been effected and no explanation was forthcoming.
    It may kindly be seen.
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    I am just sharing my experience about the decrease in the number of points. Sometimes it so happens that on posting a resource response, the system generates certain points which are moderated manually by editors at the time of evaluation of responses. In such cases sometimes points get reduced though sometimes cash credits are also awarded in deserving cases.

    In the forum sections sometimes the threads or responses posted by the authors are deleted by the editors at the stage of review which leads to deduction of points also accordingly.

    Thus generally in all such cases where the contents are subjected to post -review/scrutiny, there is always a chance of moderation of points by the editors which results in decrease or deduction of points.

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    Please let us know from which section you was awarded 8 points and 8 rupees cash and later it was deducted. On getting the reply from you we can also respond in the apt manner.
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    I support Mr. Jha's comments. Some Editor(s) deduct(s) point apparently for no real reason. As for example, Members may kindly see the following thread. Some of my responses in that thread were initially awarded points. Later, points were deducted and zero point credits were given against these responses without any apparent reason. The link of the thread is:-

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    According to my little experience, points and cash credits may be decreased due to any of these reasons.
    1) When a forum thread to which you responded/you posted is deleted. Here, points and cash credits (if allotted) are decreased after deletion.
    2) When a resource response you posted is reviewed. Here, points are decreased and cash credits are increased.
    3) When an ask expert question to which you answered/you posted is deleted. Here, points and cash credits (if allotted) are decreased. This is an imaginary case and I didn't come across this case anytime.
    4) When an ask expert answer you posted is posted twice due to internet error etc,. Here, points and cash credits are decreased. One of my friends is a member of ISC. He posted some ask expert answers. After two days, he was given points and cash credits for those answers. After a day, four points and 4 cash credits were reduced. The reason behind it is the same answer being posted twice due to internet error etc,. and the points and cash credits to the duplicate answer were reduced the next day though they were given to both the answers initially. I think that this may be the problem for you too. Please check if there are any such duplicate answers.

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    #576814 : Mr. Yeluripati: How can you explain my case as mentioned in my previous response? Just check the given link and let me know.
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    Credit points were awarded for both Resource - response section and Ask expert section. So this point is to be explained by the editors how there was reduction of both the awards and incentive. Mr Krisna, your points do not seem to be applicable here.

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    Partha @ 576813, I don't see any reason for you to be in doubt. The author of the said thread had asked members to pen a story and the responses that were considered irrelevant had been given zero points. Please do rethink and take back your statement that editors at ISC deducts points for no reason. Why should we? I am not in for an argument and would like to stop this here with a kind suggestion that we should be aware of what we are doing.

    And to the author of this thread, may be we can help if you could provide the URL of the thread or article to which you are referring. Responses to articles will be reviewed and points/cc may be reduced if it does not add value to the content or if it is a partial replica of the article itself.

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    Well as the author (Sheo Shankar Jha) said I completely agree with him that if the point and cash incentive are deducted then the person who had deducted the points and cash should give a satisfying reason so that the author who got his point and cash deducted get satisfied. But in the same way I think that the author should know first that his/her point and cash are deducted by anyone or it is a glitch for some network problem on internet isn't it. I am new here but I can understand that no editor or anyone in the site who is the head will do something like that without any strong reason. I have full consolation regarding the author but at the same time we should think of the sentiment of that person whom we are blaming, if he haven't done that then.
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    I was not blaming any one and in fact, I do have the highest regards for the panel of editors for the effective discharge of their duties but at the same time , it is even difficult for me to pin point the article deleted once approved. I simply requested to review the situation so that discrepancy could be located conveniently.
    All the approved answers against Ask - expert section are not appearing in the alert - button as was happening prior to a fortnight. Even the response from the Resource - forum has not been included in the alert button. Moreover, many alerts have been deleted and for which I cannot fix any one. Don't you think sir, that repetitive deduction of the points coupled with the money - incentives would demotivate the members? Hope, I would get a satisfying reply from your end.

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    The problem with the Alert button has been reported to the Webmasters. Please wait for their feedback.
    Managing Editor,

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    Please read this thread for some explanation.

    Tony John
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