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    Why women of certain religions don't wear flowers and use kumkum?

    Usually women of Hindu religion wear flowers and use kumkum or tilak on their fore head. Women think using these things considered to be traditionally prosperous. But women of certain religions like Muslims and Christians don't wear flowers or kumkum. I am very interested to know what is the logical or traditional reason behind it? Other than women of these two religions is there women of any other religion don't wear flowers? Other than traditional following is there any reason behind it? As flowers are the gift of God through nature why don't they wear them?
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    Well the main difference between a Hindu women and Christian or the Muslim women is sporting of Sindhur or kum kum on the forehead and having bountiful of flowers on the head. But I have seen in Hyderabad old city the modern Muslim girl and women are also using flowers extensively when they are going out of Hyderabad and I have seen even using Tilakam on their forehead. But as far as Christian community is concerned the Catholics may use the Sindhur and the Protestants wont. It all depends on the women how to dress up and look beautiful and so we have to leave it their choice.
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    So far as Muslim women are concerned, they don't use 'kumkum', 'sinoor' 'bindi' or 'gajra'(garland on their head) because of religious prohibition. However, I have seen Christian women use these if they like. There is no prohibition against this.
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    Many of youngsters even in Hindu religion feels ashamed or hesitates to wear flowers and kumkum or any thilak in the forehead and i feel that they are thinking such action is out of style. But the pity is married girls if they hesitate to wear such things is very much pity and they should not feel if anything happened or anybody told inauspiciously.

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    Primarily, the individuals follow the practices as prescribed in the respective religions. Apart from that, it is a matter of personal choice also. Many individuals who are raised in very orthodox families follow the respective social customs more fastidiously than the others who have a liberal outlook.

    Nowadays many Hindu women working in MNCs etc. don't follow the orthodox Hindu systems whereas there are many in smaller cities and town who consider even wearing western dresses a taboo. In the bigger cities, many housewives have also started dispensing with such ritualistic practices.

    The general outlook of an educated woman is that the others need not decide as to what they will wear and what not. In developed countries, even the dresses worn by followers of different religions and faiths are same whereas in the smaller towns one can recognise an individual's religious faith even by watching their dresses.

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    Hindu women wear Kumkum in their forehead as their part of their ritual and custom, whereas there are also many religion were doing all these are not meant as their part of ritual and custom. Well it is all about believing, if one have a strong belief in all these custom then it is not necessary from which religion you are belonging too. It is an old practises which are in trend from the beginning of the Hindu caste and this are meant very strong custom and many of them are forced by their parents and in-laws to do that with full dedication towards it.
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    The question should rather be why Hindu women wear Sindoor or flowers and not the other way round! These are Hindu customs and why should they be followed by any other religion? Nature does not dictate that a being should wear or apply something artificial to show that they have a mate.
    In fact, I have heard it for the first time that some places women have to wear flowers daily as part of custom. I live in Haryana and I have never seen women from North wearing flowers regularly.
    Also, flowers are not gift to human kind to wear, they are actually sexual organs of plants and I prefer to see them on trees only and not plucked out just for decoration purposes.

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