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    Are Chinese goods worth buying - are they low quality or high quality?

    Would you purchase a Chinese manufactured product due to its low cost but are unsure of its quality? Check out first-hand users' feedback of Chinese products flooding the Indian market.

    In India we have seen many products with label "Made in China". In general people have an opinion in their mind that Chinese goods will be of low cost and low quality. Some of the Chinese products like tea and furniture have a good quality and cultural-related values whereas other products like toys, mobile phones are of low quality when compared to other International products. Especially some phones made in China will produce more heat when we use the phone for more than 10 minutes. The Chinese goods have earned mixed reviews among the users of India. Products like phones, laptops, tablets, watches, cookware, toys and still many more Chinese electronic goods are available in the Indian Market. Other than the Chinese goods, Indians also have a special love for Chinese food! As the cost of the Chinese goods is very low, many Indians prefer to buy Chinese products.

    What is your opinion on Chinese goods? Is it of low quality?

    Also share some of your personal opinions on the quality of the Chinese products.
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    China is perhaps the largest manufacturers of various goods in the world. Not only India but many developed countries like Australia, US, Europe, parts of Canada and many others countries including Pakistan, African countries import manufactured goods from China. Perhaps the 'Make In India' is inspired by the China only.

    Earlier only low-value products like toys etc. used to be imported from China but nowadays high-value items like electronics and machinery etc. are also imported from China in addition to various products in the categories like apparel, gift sets, glasses, sanitary ware, furniture and ceramics.

    The lure of the Chinese products is so much that even the banned products like fireworks are imported in India illegally /clandestinely.

    In April 2016, the Government of India has put a ban on import of certain products like some electronic items, specific mobile phones, milk and milk products and some steel products from China.

    The main reason of import of various goods from China is the cheaper cost. The quality is inferior accordingly.

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    Many of the items what we use in our daily life like batteries, spikes, recharges, toys, many electronic goods like keyboards, computer parts, cellphones, locks etc and many more items are imported from China only. Previously in India especially electronic goods which are manufactured in Delhi are mostly popular in India. But as China is importing these goods at a much cheaper rate they are mostly used all over the world. These goods become more popular because they will be helpful to serve out our need for the time being without much expenditure. But quality wise these goods low standard and cannot serve us for longer duration. China market need this type of business tactic for their longer survival.

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    What I understand that unlike Indian , the Chinese wont waste their time at street corners or gossiping, instead they produce something for their use or Nations use. That is the reason being so they are self sufficient in every product and has the expertise to produce good quality at cheaper rates and to the liking of International community. If you take cosmetics especially the beautician items, the Chinese products are more famous and more trusted and very cheap when compared to any other brand. Even in furniture also their range of products with modern look and affordable makes them the first choice. Here I am not glorifying the Chinese products, but what I am trying to convey that the lethargic attitude of Indians in manufacturing various products by not giving scope for innovation and new technology, the Chinese are surging ahead and probably they will remain number one for ever.
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    Most of the Chinese items are low quality products, starting from power plant to a toy. China using Indian markets as dumping measures and dumping her kachara into India. you should avoid purchasing Chinese items.
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    In my opinion, China products are successful in India only due to the less cost. The finger print identification feature is a recent one and is started with Apple i Phone. Some days back, I saw a china phone for Rs. 8,000 or so and it contains the finger identification feature. What more does people want? Such a phone for such a less cost. But, we can be sure that the quality is not good. This applies not only to phones but also to other products. If a china phone falls down even once, it is more likely that the phone will not work again.

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    I differ with the viewpoint that all Chinese products are of low quality. China does produce & export to US, European countries, Australia etc. These countries have stricter standards than India and they strictly enforce them too. So to say that all Chinese products are of inferior quality is not true at all.

    Secondly, China is a very big producer of electronic items and almost all the big companies in electronics industry have their production plants in China due to cheap production cost in China. These big companies keep the quality control in their own hands.

    Whatever Chinese products we get in India are not of the standards of the US or other European countries, Australia etc. Now the fault, if we can term it as a fault at all, lies with the Indian importers and the Indian law enforcement agencies and does not lie with Chinese manufacturers. It is the Indian importers who tell the Chinese manufacturers to manufacture cheaper products. The Chinese businessmen want to do business with India so they produce cheaper products on the behest of Indian importers.

    Chinese manufacturers or businessmen call India as 'kabari market' (junk market), a market where even waste or the lowest quality products would sell.

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    We Indians have the mentality to hate our own local Indian products and love the foreign products whether they are good or bad in quality. We are crazy to use foreign products, from soap, powder and other cosmetics to toys and electronic goods. Chinese products are both good and poor. Chinese have learned the trick of marketing their low quality products at very cheap rates.

    I would say that most of the Chinese products are very cheap and of 'Use and throw' nature. It is not possible to get the Chinese items repaired in India, We should be very careful in handling Chinese products for its optimum use.

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