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    Cultural bans in private schools. How so far it is considered?

    Many private schools are banning religious festivals and cultural events in India. They're taking huge money for education but how they stop children to conduct their religious activities there. I've studied from a CBSE residential govt school where we all gather and celebrate Xmas, ramzan, ganesh puja, saraswati puja, janmastami, etc. We're free to conduct and celebrate all the events there. However nowadays many private schools restricts other religious festivals in their school and even they won't give holidays also. Today when I asked one of my friends about his son's holiday on janmastami, he said the situation of his son's School was completely different. The girls are not allowed to put bindi and other dress up. All the students express themselves as brothers and sisters but Rakhi is not allowed there. What you say on this topic?
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    I see this a good gesture from the part of schools. Religion should not affect the working of schools which are meant to impart scientific knowledge. Religion belongs to the confines of one's homes and not something which should be imparted as education or adopted as truth.

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    India is a secular country. There are many educational minority institutions also. In my opinion, the schools should be free of any kind of religious activity. Cultural activities are different. As far as the celebration of festivals is concerned, the same should be restricted to the national festivals , teachers day, children's day etc. only. Religious activities narrow the outlook of the children who are said to be future of any nation.

    Nowadays, we sometimes hear about saffronisation of education etc. or making the chanting of 'Om' mantra etc. compulsory which should be discouraged. Therefore should be minimum interference of politicians and religious personalities in the educational institutions.

    There are certain minority institutions who preach and practice religion also. As a matter of fact, the education itself is a religion.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In the garb of modern education of International standards the private schools are slowly discouraging celebrating the Indian festivals and our children are being denied about the past glory of India as regards to our customs and Tradition. One of my relative child is studying in International schools and recently they conducted the fancy dress competition but asked the children to wear western outfit like Cinderella and other characters. I doubt our mothers are habituated to Indian culture and traditions dresses and we cannot even think of those high profile dressing sense. Moreover who is having such kind of dress supplies. Here what I mean to say that during other Hindu festivals they simply declared holiday and no activities held. If this continues slowly our children would ask what is Deepavali and why should we celebrate Sankranthi festival. The government must interfere right now.,
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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