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    An unscheduled visit to the ancestral place (Part-II)

    This is in continuation of the first part: An unscheduled visit to the ancestral place (Part-I)

    After reaching Naresh's home the middle-aged man introduced himself and talked to the family members. In the evening, Naresh took the man to his ancestral land. The land was now sub-divided into various small plots and many families are living there. The middle-aged man could not find anything which he heard about that land from his father. Naresh explained: "Your grandfather's elder brother and your own grandmother died prematurely before independence in the year 1940. Your father left this place in 1948 after passing the Matriculation examination. Your grandfather and other family members left for India in 1950. The entire land along with your family's residence was handed over to your manager of the estate, Toofan Khan. Toofan and his son Gulab could not maintain your wooden house entirely made of Burmese teak. They neglected and thus destroyed the famous rose garden of your house, sold the ponds and later sold the land itself and left the place themselves. Now Government has acquired the land and distributed the land to landless labours".

    The middle-aged man was totally disheartened. He returned to Naresh's home. He was thinking about leaving this non-descript and morose town as early as possible, but Naresh informed him that the first bus to Dhaka would be available at around 6:30 a.m. in the next morning.

    The man woke up at 4:30 in the next morning. He quickly washed and started towards his ancestral land in the early morning. When he reached there, the Sun was coming out very slowly behind the winter mist. Cool breeze was blowing. Standing there all alone, the man could almost see and feel the presence of a very fair middle-aged man with strong personality, who was looking at him benignly. Beside him, a kind lady was standing smiling. He immediately understood that his grandfather's elder brother Late Kalipada K and his own grandmother Late Kusumbala Devi were standing on their ancestral land. Although he had never seen any photo of them, but he could inexplicably feel their presence at that point of time. The pure morning air soothed his body and mind. The middle-aged man felt that his illustrious ancestors were blessing him. He silently offered his tribute to them.

    The middle-aged man started his return journey. With a deep sense of peace and tranquillity, he took the morning bus to Dhaka.
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    It is always a pride and joy to visit the ancestral properties and if it is in another country , it gives further interest to visit often and bring the old memories in to reckoning. I really like the story carried by the author.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The story reminds me of several anecdotes about why people feel an attachment to their ancestral land. They find a connection because their ancestors were buried or cremated there. Many heart-rending stories about the people's attachment to their ancestral land came to light when the partition of India took place in the year 1947.

    I remember that Parvez Musharraf, President of Pakistan had visited his ancestral house in Delhi during his official visit to India in the year 2001. Lal Krishna Advani had also visited his ancestral house and school during his visit to Karachi.

    I too have my ancestral place about 100 kilometers away from Lucknow. Though my brothers have sold their property after settling at Lucknow but I have not yet sold it.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have my ancestral home and farm land in my village. The house is not in good shape,and I am trying to reconstruct it to spend my last days. It gives me immense pleasure when I step into that old house and the farm land. I get a special vibration in my body. These are located near my family deity's temple. I never miss to visit my temple, house and farm land once in a month.
    No life without Sun ¤

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