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    India is the only country with so called VIP's than other Nations. Read this statistics.

    In India it is easy to become a VIP if you have money and power to acquire the status and once acquired it remains for ever whether you are in position or power or not. It is stated that India has more number of VIP's than any other country and here is the list.

    India- 579092
    China -435
    Russia- 312
    South Korea -282
    America- 252
    Australia - 205
    Germany- 142
    Japan- 125
    France -109

    Just imagine having so many VIP's who are not at all connected to the present regime or partially in the ruling party are enjoying the doles of the government at the cost of tax payers.
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    It is the reason to became India a 7th wealthier country in the world. The 579092 no. of VIPs have 70% of Indian wealth in their pocket.
    India was a large country during Satya Yuga, the golden age. India was once a golden parrot (sone ki chidia). All the major wars from Mahabharata to till date occurs due to monetary benefit only. Most of India's fund and wealth are taken by mughals and then British. The rest was occupied by the ministers and VIPs.

    Naresh Kumar
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    The author has not elucidated the point as who is a 'VIP' ? As far as I remember, it is not a well-defined term. What is the criteria of labelling as a person as VIP? Though it is a matter of the common knowledge that a VIP means 'Very Important Person' but perhaps there is no legal or official definition of the term 'VIP'. Then there are VVIPs also.

    It appears to be a relative term. In my parties also, certain relatives are treated as a VIP. Many people treat an individual as a VIP in case he has been provided security by the Government. Celebrities like movie stars and wealthy industrialists have their own private security arrangement.

    The author may perhaps consider elucidating as to on what basis the data cited by him indicates VIP status of an individual.

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    VIP is the person who is enlisting the privileges of the government just because of his stature and popularity in Public and that can be anybody.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan, the definition you gave for a VIP (in #576861) is exact to the core. Everywhere, VIPs are enjoying special privileges of the government. Even in temples, hundreds of people standing in queue will be stopped and the so called VIPs are given special darshan etc,. As per the above statistics, he number of VIPs in India is a thousand times more than that of the next country with largest number if VIPs i.e. China. In my opinion, India is the seventh wealthiest country in the world due to these 6 lakh people only. This must change.

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    The definition given by Mohan Ji (#576861) is based on our perception of the term 'VIP'. Perhaps for the purpose of determining the level of security cover to be provided to the individuals like Z+, Z, Y or X levels, the terminology VIP and VVIP appears. I don't know who maintains such list as mentioned by the author of the thread. I personally have a genuine curiosity about the genesis of these abbreviations.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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