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    Suggestions are invited to resolve the Kashmir problem

    As you all are aware the problem of Jammu and Kashmir has become worse and we are paying the price in the form of war and terrorism. Everyday our soldiers are being killed and their children are becoming orphans. Strikes, bundh, pathaarbaji, terrorist encounters,bad law and order situation has made the state unpeaceful and unrest.Tourists also hesitating to visit the Kashmir valley.Thus halting the progress of the state as well as the country. Pakistan is sponsoring the terrorism against India from its soil and running around 48 terrorist camp in PO K. Pakistan frequently raising the matter in U N O and trying to defame India as India is doing atrocities on Kashmir people.There seem no solution to this problem due to Pakistan behavior.Your valuable suggestions are invited on this issue.
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    I think the members participating in this discussion should be very careful in posting their comments. The Kashmir issue is a very sensitive issue and it should be taken casually by offering some offhand comment without due application of mind. Had it been that simple for all and sundry of offer suggestions, then perhaps it would have been solved long back. Some of best Indian political brains including that of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Bajpai could not offer any solution during their respective tenures.

    Only one thing has repeatedly been cited by all concerned that a solution can be found only through peaceful talks instead of adopting violent means.

    From my side, I have to say that the idea floated by some politicians regarding a referendum is not a solution. Such important matters should not be felt to the hand of masses like it was done in the case of Brexit.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If the Pakistan is not listening to India and International community as regards to Kashmir and even the UN is keeping silence, then it is expressly understood that India can take unilateral decision of having war with Pakistan on this issue. Pakistan has been under mining India's capability and by test firing Brahmos recently even China has been rattled. So India must assert its super power in the region by giving a strong warning and alert first and then retaliating next. Then only UN and America would interfere and mend the ways of Pakistan. Otherwise the issue will be prolonging and no end for that.
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    Read the extremely important thread on the issue. Let me start from the beginning.:-

    1. King Ranjit Singh captured entire Jammu & Kashmir from the Muslim king and handed over the kingdom to his Dogra general.
    2. In 1947, the Dogra king of Jammu & Kashmir was Maharaja Hari Singh. He didn't sign the Treaty of Accession in the beginning. He did the same much later in favour of India when Pakistani irregulars under Pakistani Major General Akbar Khan attacked the state.
    3. Due to a 'Himalayan Blunder' committed by the then Indian Prime Minister, cease-fire was declared when Indian Army was on a winning mode but some of the areas around Mujaffarabad-Murree and Gilgit-Skardu-Baltistan was still under the occupation of marauders.
    4. This area still remains under the illegal occupation of Pakistan an is known as Pak-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Federally-administered Northern Region (FANA).
    5. On Indian side, Jammu & Kashmir are basically divided in three physical areas under one geographical unit. Jammu, Ladakh-Kargil and Kashmir valley.
    6. Jammu is an extension of Punjab plain and the majority of the population is Hindu and Sikh.
    7. Kashmir valley is a part of Himalayan region. This valley is predominantly Muslim. However, it must be remembered that lakhs and lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits displaced by Muslims are the original inhabitants of this valley.
    8. Ladakh is an extension of Tibetan plateau. The district of Ladakh is Buddhist-majority area and the district of Kargil is Shia Muslim-majority area.
    9. On the Pakistani side, PoK is a Sunni Muslim majority area whereas Gilgit is a Shia Muslim majority area. Baltistan has Shia Muslims and some Buddhists.
    10. When Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Treaty of Accession in favour of India, the entire Jammu & Kashmir including present PoK and FANA was under his rule. So the entire Jammu & Kashmir (including PoK and FANA) is a part of India according to Radcliffe formula.

    Point No. 10 is required to be remembered very clearly in the context of Jammu & Kashmir. I am going to submit my remaining argument in my subsequent response.

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    In continuation of my previous response, I would like to state that the people of Jammu is totally against the so-called 'ajadi'. the have been vehemently protesting against the nefarious design of Pakistan and Kashmiri separatists. Same applies for the Buddhists of Ladaksh district and Shia Muslims of Kargil district. As far as people of Kashmir valley are concerned, the Kashmiri Pandits are totally against separation from India. A major chunk of Kashmiri Muslims are totally undecided about the fate of the state. In clear term, they are fence-sitters.
    As far as separatist Kashmiri Muslim leaders are concerned, they capture all the bounties received from Govt. of India as well as Hukmat-e-Pakistan. They send their children to the top schools and colleges of India and abroad and hoodwink local people by their propaganda. They have no knowledge or concern about the developmental aspect of the state.
    I feel that Government of India should take the following steps:-
    (i) Immediately withdraw special status of the state.
    (ii) Allow other people of other states to settle in Jammu & Kashmir (please note what the Govt. of Bangladesh is doing at Chittagong Hill Tract).
    (iii) Immediately rehabilitate the Kashmiri Pandits in the valley. They must be trained and supplied with weapons.
    (iv) Give equal stress on development of Jammu, Leh and Kargil, which have been neglected by successive state governments.
    (v) Tell the people of the valley in clear terms that the entire J&K is part of India. Who don't want to remain to be citizens of India, can leave the country (i.e., Kashmir) and settle in any other country including the neighbouring country.
    (vi) Sensitize international community about the pathetic condition of people of Pak-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.
    (vii) Take all other possible measures to re-occupy the lost territories. The proposed highway from Gwadar port in Balochistan of Pakistan to China through Gilgit must be disrupted as the majority portion of the Highway would be on the disputed territories.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Kashmir topic is very sensitive topic for the peace of the world, as everyday we are listening about the cruel and evil happening in this state, and the heart touching part is that which most of us don't realise only is that in between this two country Pakistan and India many innocent child are becoming a part of this war, they are becoming orphans, they are losing their parents mostly their fathers who are fighting for their country, so wonderful heaven like place are becoming hell day by day, I think the commander in chief of India should now step a strong decision regarding this matter.
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