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    Beware of information circulated in the social media

    As the saying goes, all that glitters is not the gold. The same applies in the case of various types of information under circulation in various social media. All of such information should not be taken at its face value without due application of a bit of mind at our own level.

    There are many inventive and creative people who take pains for compiling and originating scintillating pieces of contents. But unfortunately, such persons are few and far between. Perhaps there are more pranks, messages to ridicule, jokes and nonsense (messages having no sense) messages than the better, useful and informative one. Such messages are used more for amusement than for learning, though some simple type unsuspecting individuals take the same seriously and start circulating the same in other forums after re-phrasing the same.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    Yes, we have to be very careful about the rumours sometime being circulated through social media. On the other hand, thank to social media, many information or news-items come to the knowledge of people, which mainstream media suppress. In the context of West Bengal, I can site two examples. The horrible riots at Deganga in North 24-Parganas and at Kaliachak in Malda by the minority community were totally suppressed by the mainstream media. However, thanks to social media, the facts come to the knowledge of people. Later, mainstream media had to admit the riots. We must understand that the social media are gaining popularity because of shortcomings of the mainstream media.
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    Well what I feel that no one would waste such hard time of him to create prank calls or messages through social media and if some information are interesting and applies to our mind, sharing them is not wrong. But it is left to the prerogative of the members to respond or keep away. Please note that every forum posts are highly moderated and the editors shall definitely remove the unwanted threads. So what I mean to say instead of poking nose at the relevant of thread , the members can either respond to the point given or keep away from it so that others shall do that course.
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    Yeah, now a day there are many types of rumours are spread on the social messaging site and many of them look so original and real that anyone can be fooled and become a part of that rumour which is actually a false thing or that particular incident is never happened only, many times it happens with me, I really fall in this trap because some of them I find so real that I really start believing in all this, and I find many people who after getting such news, started spreading them into their friend circle and to others whom he know.
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