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    Did you know about Nayeemuddin?

    Hello ISC members,

    From some days, all the Telugu news channels are discussing about a person. He is Nayeemuddin, former naxalite and police informer turned gangster. In his initial days, he killed some naxalites and then became a police informer. Later, he established an empire and almost reached the position of an underworld don before his encounter by the police. It is being said that there are hundreds of government officials working/worked for him. He generated fear in people in a way that they are afraid of him even after his death.

    If not for the corrupt officials, such a gangster would not have formed. What do you say?
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    We had a discussion also on this forum about the criminal mentioned by the author after his liquidation by the police on August 8, 2016.

    Regarding the corruption aspect, a lot of research has been carried out by the police academies to reveal that a police-politician-criminal nexus exists. These three arms of the corruption triangle support each other. The politician is the lawmaker, the criminal is the law breaker and the police is a bridge between the two. The politician has to win the election to come in power for which he requires money power as well as muscle power. Earlier the muscle power used to be hired but later the criminals themselves started contesting elections and becoming powerful.

    The world of crime has its own unique characteristics. We sometimes read stories about the police shooters who themselves behave like gangsters. Few policemen are found involved in committing crimes themselves like participating in robberies and kidnapping.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The matter has already been discussed in this platform. I again want to state that inquiry should be initiated to find out how a gangster could become so powerful. The political leaders and bureaucrats who helped and supported this criminal must be brought to book immediately.
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    With the killing of Nayeemuddin, former naxalite and police informer turned gangster, new information are being gathered by the special investigation cell as to who are all connected and benefited from the dreaded person. It is highly believed that Nayeem made land settlement across the Telangana and AP and earned lots of money and used to entertain even officials and police for his every success. In fact many IAS and IPS officers are also involved in his settlements and it seems even film producers also taken favor from him. So new information are being told every day as the investigations progress.
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