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    On what basis to suggest name, if you are asked to give a name to child at a naming ceremony?

    Need to name a baby at a naming ceremony? Check out this forum thread to know the basis on which people decide on a name at a child's naming ceremony.

    Mostly in various cultures and religions some relatives are given the right to name a child, in some cases its parents, grand parents, uncle and aunt who decide name for a child.
    But if you are given chance to name a child, what is your basis to name a child?
    Is it on the basis of the meaning of the name?
    Is it according to the names you like ?
    Or any other parameters you would bother about?
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    Well, it would depend on many factors. I may suggest names based on the names of father and mother of the child. It could as well be based on the uniqueness of the name.

    As for instance, when my son was born, I had been searching for a name that would be something related to me or my wife. My actual name is Dinesh among the family members, the literal meaning of which is Sun. So I listed out a few names and finally zeroed in on Aditya which is the synonym for the word Sun. That exactly would be my basis while choosing names.

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    Nowadays a number of internet resources are available which help in searching names. As a matter of fact, the lists of most popular names of the year are also published. Such websites provide various options to filter the names according to one's choice. Generally, in the society, the most common method of suggesting a name is to steal or borrow some name from a television serial which had borrowed the same from the internet resources.

    I have noticed that generally more people go for a unique name which is unheard of and in the process sometimes end up in selecting a 'not good name'. I personally like the names which have some meaning.

    There are other parameters also e.g. many people prefer to select names beginning with the letter 'A' so that later in schools or colleges lists or during interviews, the name may appear on upper portion when listed alphabetically. One more important thing is that the name should be easy to pronounce so that it is not distorted later by the people.

    Generally, in India, there is a practice of having two names - one school name and the other 'calling name'. Ideally, there should be only one name, in my opinion.

    While researching for my grand daughter's name who was born in the USA and resides there only, I had to put one additional criteria that the chosen Indian name can be pronounced easily by American people also.

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    If I am given chance to name a child, I will first see the Rashi in which the child is born.I will take the first akshar (letter)or according to rashi . The name should have a meaningful name. we also can make a name which first letter begins with the father/grandfather's name and finish with mother' name first or last letter. for example mother name is Anupria and husband name is harsh, taking an from mother name and sh from father's name we can cion the word Ankush.
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    There are may ways to name a child if suggested to me. Firstly the great grand father or grand mother name would be ideal and preferred. Secondly the some letters from the mother and some letters from the father can make a good and modern name for the new born. Thirdly the child can be named as per the star on which he or she was born. And lastly a modern name which is unusual and not present in any ones home. But what I feel that every new parent has their choices and preferences and they have their own dream of calling the child with their pet name and that is only going to say. For example my father insisted that my son name should be of Krishnama Chary who was my great grand father. Like wise my mother insisted that her great grand fathe rname Srinivasan be kept. But my wife and my self has already chosen the name of Aditya- meaning sun God and he seen with naked eye and hence we zeroed on that name and it is staying.
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    Christening the children have done in those periods to respect elders and to remember them. Presently many children do not know their grand parents name at all. Moreover the names were given to the children with the names of God/Goddess in the view of repeating them frequently as and when we call them and gaining punya in that way. Those who are not believing baap and punya will mock this and they will realize only when they face such situations. I read one story in a book. A man christened his son as 'Narayana' as he utters the Lord's name frequently and even in his last breath. After some years he was in the deathbed and everybody surrounded him; his eyes were scanning all sides and enquired about his son 'narayana'. He repeatedly asking call narayana, call narayana but impatiently he uttered,'Where is that Idiot?' and last his breath.

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    Well if I would have given a chance for naming my child I would definitely name my child according to the recent trends like the names which are fashionable now a day and which has a good meaning too, so that my child feel some modern feelings inside his souls and step foot according to the recent changes, it also become necessary as now a day many people make fun of old names, but I am not saying to change the name of this basis but we should must follow the modern society which are been changed for our own good.
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    I would ask for the following information from the parents of the child.
    1. The Birth Star
    2. The Date of Birth
    3. Name of Father
    4. Name of Mother
    5. Religion( I would know)

    Then I will refer the Panchangam/Numerology table to know the right alphabet that a name should start with. Select various names. Write it in piece of papers. Take a lucky draw. That's the name I prefer.

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    In my family, names are kept without any rule or tradition. My name was kept as 'Partha' because my maternal uncle thought that I would be able to concentrate like Arjuna. However, I lacked this particular quality. My brother was very quiet during his childhood. So, he was named Siddhartha after Gautama Buddha! My father named my sister 'Kausambi' as at that time he had been reading the history of Kausambi, a North Indian 'Mahajanapad' which started following democratic tradition much before the birth of Christ!
    My daughter has been named 'Pritha' by my mother. Obviously, Pritha (Kunti) was the mother Partha (Arjuna) in the Mahabharata. In Bengal, daughter is treated as 'mother'.

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    Normally in Hindu religion a puja is organised to name the born child and the elder person of the family have the copyright to name the child, normally grand father and grand mother does the naming custom in Hindu religion, after reading this tread I went to ask my mother that who named me, she said my maternal uncle named. I got little surprised as I was thinking from the beginning that my name is named by my parents. Is there anyone here in this site who got his name from his maternal uncle or MAMA.
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