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    How do you count the currencies. From down, from up or horrizontally ?

    Counting the bunch of currency notes is a art and some people are very fast enough to count with apt and accurate method. Suppose if you give them a bundle of 100 currencies, some would start from the down and keep on counting slowly so that no note is missed for counting.. And some has the habit of counting fast from the top side and that is done by more business communities and even the Petrol pump cashiers . But I have seen a bank cashier doing fast counting by keeping the bundle horizontally and counting by five notes and finishing the same very fast. What about you ?
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    When I first time saw a thread raised on the subject matter on the website 'Quora', I wondered as to what purpose will be served by having a discussion on the subject matter. Later, I realized that perhaps some awareness can be created among people about the unhygienic practice of moistening the fingers by touching the tongue while counting currency bank notes.

    Gradually, the practice of counting bank notes manually is receding. Nowadays, financial transactions are switching over to electronic modes by use of credit/debit cards or online banking. In the banks, financial institutions and other bigger establishments gradually bank note counting machines are being installed obliterating the practice of manual counting. I remember having read a news item years back about a chief engineer or some such other high Government official who had installed a bank note counting machine at his home for counting bribe money.

    My suggestion in this regard is to avoid handling large amount of currency notes and never moisten the finger by touching the same on the tongue as such a practice is likely to transfer the germs from the surface of the bank notes to the human body.

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    Kailash my question was not answered by you. How you are going to count if the task is given ?
    K Mohan
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    Mohan Ji - I handle very little cash and therefore simply count one by one. In the case of very small amount, I even skip counting at all. In bank etc. they provide the LED display at the counter also where one can view the data while the machine counts the currency notes. I generally, trust such machines and don't physically count it again.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well the person who has the habit of counting the notes everyday, he is definitely going to count the notes very fast but the person who occasionally count the notes, he/she is definitely going to count the notes very slow or medium and whereas about me I rarely got the bundle of notes and I count them one by one seeing that no notes have stuck with one and another, and suppose if I got the bundle of notes in my hand then I will try to count them vertically because as I am slow, I need to be very careful against the notes so that it cannot be torn up.
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