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    Cinema in the aspect of educative, then and now

    Cinema came till 1990 were of somewhat educative also. In films before 1980's many films came with moral information. Moreover the films released then were taken in many foreign countries with many sight seeing places with some tourist attractions. For example a film named 'ulagam sutrum
    valiban' acted by MGR in Tamil have many foreign countries scenes including dolphin magic and in 'Sivantha Mann' Tamil by Shivaji Ganesan, Dharti in Hindi by Rajendrakumar, Jappanil Kalyanaraman in Tamil by Kamalhasan were some of them with many foreign scenarios through which we can show them to the children by explaining. But nowadays the films are not much interesting in that sense. tey are also with less stories and the songs are not at all remembering.
    What may be the views of our ISC'ns.
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    Yes I agree with the author that the content of old films were message oriented, made for the family to view , with good music and the lyrics connecting the life of the people. That is the reason being so even today the old songs are never forgotten and some message oriented movies are even liked by the present generation. Now the content of the film moves with love story, hate and chased by the goons, followed by detailed rape and then fight scene to glorify the actions of hero. These are the typical step followed in the films and the people are fed up and looking for a change and that is why the latest Bahubali was hit as it was off the mill story.
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    The filmmakers are commercial people. They make films for earning money. Therefore, they will always be ready to produce any kind of film will sell and fetch revenue to them. It may be of any kind including mythological, moral or masala film containing item numbers.

    Thus the parents and the society has to be blamed, not the filmmakers. There has been a gradual change in the thought pattern of the society. The present generation has not been told about the moral stories by their own parents and grandparents. Instead, they have either researched on their own or told by their classmates and friends about other matters including cartoon films, Sci-Fi films, action films and adventure/sports film. There is no need to specifically utter the taboo word masala film. Accordingly, the filmmakers are producing sought after films and earning profit also by successfully selling the same.

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    Yes, I fully agree with the author as now a day the real sense of cinema has gone away and the cinema which was made earlier in 70's, 80' and 90's were of tremendous moral values, and many even complain and criticises the director and producer to make a film which will be known for the decades, whereas about me, my personal best film is Shaheed Bhagat singh and Baghban and my father best film is DO Bigha Zameen and comparison to present earlier songs were also beautiful are of great meaning but now a day the song doesn't have meaning but they have one thing and that is semi-nude scenes of heroine.
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