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    Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

    Kids of these days love to eat packaged food items like potato chips, cookies, oil items, pre-packaged milk shakes, bottle juices, flavored snacks, etc. during their snack time. The eating habits of the Children are very poor nowadays and even many parents are also allowing their Children to eat the packed food items. All these packed foods and junk food items are very bad for health and may lead to stomach problems, cholesterol and other diseases. Instead of giving the oily items, foods with added preservatives, flavored juices and other crunchy food items, the parents can give the below mentioned healthy snacks for kids.

    1. Homemade Fruit juices and Milk shakes
    2. Fresh fruits- Apple, Orange, Banana,Grapes,etc.
    3. Dried fruits mixture- Badam, Cashew, Pista
    4. Dates
    5. Yogurt
    6. Homemade ice creams
    7. Oat meal with Banana, Apple and Berries
    8. Ground Nut
    9. Sweet Corn
    10. Sweet potato

    Please give your comments on this and also share some of your healthy snack ideas for Kids.
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    Yes feeding the kids is the herculean task for any parent and if that happens to be the new parent and first child without any elders support then the problems would multiply. What my parents and we used to do that while the child is 6 to 8 months old when he can able to sit on own, we shall put what ever we are eating on the plate so that he will inculcate eating habit on his own and we need not run around and show Chandamama to feed him. Surely the children well get interest to eat on their own though initially they try to waste the food. That way my children are also grown without facing any problem to eat anything and they share what ever we eat.
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    The mothers who really care for their children, need not refer to internet resources for such information. They themselves are aware of such factors and take care of proper diet of their children on their own. Only the mothers who themselves are not interested in taking pains or who themselves have been fed with the junk food by their own mothers tend to allow their children to consume outside food.

    As a matter of fact even prior to the advent of the internet like resources, children used to be there and their mothers used to raise them to the best of their abilities. Funnily enough, nowadays, when such rich resources are available enabling one to search any sought information in a jiffy, the mothers are not finding time to rise early and prepare tiffin for their kids. I know many families in which two sets of tiffin is prepared and kept in the school bags of the kids.

    The working mothers are generally more educated and aware of the nutrition value as well as harmful effects of the chemical preservatives, excess salt, other chemical additives etc., but perhaps laziness overrules other factors including the care and concern for their own children.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I feel that no sancks is good for kids. We may differentiate snacks as less harmful or more harmful for kids. That's all
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