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    Do people regularly watch English language television programs in India?

    English is the language used in the ISC. Therefore, it obvious that all ISCian know the English language.

    Presently, in India, there about 2,000 television channels and programs are broadcasted in almost all major regional languages also. There are many English language television channels also broadcasting all types of programs like news, movies, music, entertainment, sports and infotainment etc.

    Some of the popular English-language channels in India are - National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Fashion TV, AXN, HBO, CNN International, Times Now and STAR Sports etc.

    Do people regularly watch English language television programs in India?
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    As far as I am concerned I watch English serials on Zee cafe and many downloaded series also.
    And also many college going student watch these downloaded enlglish serials and series and circulate them among each other through pen drives and external hardisks.
    Some of these serials which I have also seen and are circulated among college going students are
    Vampire diaries
    Big bang theory
    Braking Bad
    How I met your mother?
    And this list goes on increasing as any new series are dowloaded by anyone.

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    My self and my son are very fond of watching news channels like BBC and CNN in the morning hours so that whole news happened yesterday and late night would be known from the world. From BBC news we can learn good English and also little bit of history as they are showing the weeks happening in past and thus we are made to remember some news which we failed to notice. But I feel that our English channels are not having the learning capacity as they are more interested in padding news. And now a days the Informative channels like Discovery, Animal Planet and Discovery science are being telecast in regional language and thus we are denied of good English from those channels. Nevertheless we must appreciate those channels which are showing useful stuff without advertisement revenue for them and I just wonder as to how the BBC is managing such big reporters without advertisement ?
    K Mohan
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    K mohan sir discovery, national geogrogrphy and animal planet are shown in 4-5 language but we are provided with option to choose whatever the language in which we want to listen.
    I think it is good that they have also provided translation in various language since sometime many elderly peoples who don't have any underatanding of english language also like the progrrame shown on these channel.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Well personally I watch star movies most of the time, because I find that most of the latest release movies of foreign country are shown in this channel. And whereas about the people of India, I think that most of the people of India watch Hindi channels and there are also some people who like to see their state language channel, only few people in India, I think see English channel, as Hindi is our national and mother tongue language we people of India find more comfortable than any other language.
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