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    Peck a smile on your face certainly it would be better than a flower on a plant

    Though we may have tensions, challenges and trying times , our face should not show the same to others. We all know that face is the index of mind and by having a little smile on the face you can also win the heart of the enemy. If a person smiles it gives positive signals to others and that will pave way for a cordial interaction later. Some times our smile can be more attractive than a blooming flower on the plant. Such is the power of the smile. So next time when you are even in trying times, try to smile for others.
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    No doubt, a smile makes a positive impact on the others with whom we intend to interact. But at the same time, smiling should not be made a habit. It is a private matter and should not be practiced in public domain. Sometimes people get a wrong cue by seeing individuals smiling which may lead to misconceptions and even misunderstanding in certain cases.

    Many people have a cheerful disposition and are generally seen at least not frowning . Even maintaining a neutral face may be acceptable in the society but not a sullen face. Many people have a habit of polluting the whole atmosphere in the surroundings by their sulking face. It appears as if the all the miseries and sorrows of the world has befallen on the individual concerned.

    Though I do agree that smiling is better but it should be practiced in a controlled manner and in a controlled atmosphere e.g. at one's workplace or in a close-knit social interactive session, one may keep on smiling. However, at public places and while interacting with all and sundry, the smile should be restrained.

    The salespersons always smile because they have to sell their goods.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, very nice to hear from the author that we should smile at every point of our life not only for us but the ones we love or the people who care for us, I always say to others that we should live happily in very point of our life because everyone knows that everyone now a day have tensions of different kinds like many have professional tension and many of them have personal tension, we also know that in our life we rarely get to smile, so why not we smile daily and face the problem with smiling face, isn't it.
    live happily in every situation of life

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