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    Deduction in points and cash credits

    Dear concerned editor,
    On 25th August, when I was browsing the site through mobile, although I have not posted anything new that time I just recalculated my points and earnings.
    To my surprise, the points got deducted from 16316 to 16307 and current balance deducted from 53.80 to 45.80.

    I request you to look into the matter!
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    We will check it out.

    Managing Editor,

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    I think that problems like this should have a separate section because now a day I usually see members shouting for the point deduction in the forum section, and I think that forum section should be clean from all this, I might be wrong but I think it will be good for the members as they can find the answer of this kind of problems in other section from the editors, as editors are the one who can help us in this regard. I also find that many members have this problem, is this normally happens to everyone and if it happens normally then why the administration is fixing this sort of problem.
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    I concur with the views expressed by the author Babu Saroj (#576979). As a matter of fact, raising independent threads on such matters don't contribute in portraying a healthy image of ISC. There may be a dedicated thread of permanent nature for bringing such issues to the attention of the concerned editors.
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    This is an extremely personal query of Padmini. Such queries are on the increase. Many members post such queries as a special thread. This should be avoided. I too support that such queries should be sorted out through PMs. Else, a separate thread should be created by ISC titled " Post your ISC related Personal Queries Here'" and be hung in the front page of forum index under a red pin.
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    I used to send personal messages for such queries but then suggested by one of our editors to post these queries in forum only to be attended by the online editors immediately.

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    Padmini, you too right in stating that the editor whom you contact may not be the right editor to take action. However, My suggestion to have a permanent thread to receive such ISC related personal queries can be considered and implemented. This would certainly avoid multiple threads from various members appearing as separate forum messages and pushing down the important forum messages down to the bottom pages.
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    I am again requesting to check for the above mentioned problem.

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    Managing Editor,

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    Please see this thread

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you Tony Sir for your response.
    Although I am not able to trace out the exact post through which I lost some points as well cash credits but I accept it the way it is.
    Thanks once again!


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