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    What is a technical glitch?

    Please don't ridicule my question. I have actually not yet been able to fully understand as to what a 'technical glitch' means, though we often come across this phrase particularly in references related to the deduction of points and cash credits by the system.

    Yesterday, I had raised this question as a response on a thread and got answers also, but my curiosity is not yet fully satiated. The knowledgeable members of the ISC who have technical background may help me to understand the subject matter. I believe it will help many other members also who have no clear concept of the subject matter.

    So the question is - what is a technical glitch?
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    From my understanding on websites and its various activities, any website will be update its server with its space from time to time and store the data from time to time. It may be like adding additional spaces using external memories like what we used like USBs, External hard drives etc.,(not exactly but it may be like this) and for a particular member, the data may be spread in different spaces and while calculating at that time, it may be related to running time(in programming or coding) it may skip some spaces (due to any reason of connectivity or other media skip) and calculate and hence our actual calculation may have some errors. It may be rectified automatically or after the intervention of webmaster personally in adjusting the spaces etc.

    There are other manual skips by team of servers also happened as the websites are running in a huge server space which may be related to a server within a small campus and connected to computers itself will have glitches sometimes.

    This is my personal understanding.

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    What i understand that the world technical glitch is concerned to the problems crept in at program level and this the site is not addressing as per the set program. Time and again there must be monitoring so that the site runs smooth.
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    What I understand for technical glitch is that it is some problem which is made by network disconnection or from some mis-execution of programming language of computer. I too don't know exactly what it means but it will be good for us if some expert of computer language answer this question in simple and easy word, so that we can understand it properly without any confusion.
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    At my level, I conducted research to know that a 'bug' is a coding error. Debugging can be done during testing or after detection when practically used by the users.

    In the context of computers, a glitch is generally caused by a bug that is not encountered very often.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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