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    Happiness for olympians who brought medals, and for some players this olympic will remain nightmare.

    Wrestler Narshing Yadav who has been baned for four years by the court of arbitration for sports.
    And marothon runner O.P jaisa India's national record holder who collapsed just before finish lines becuase of apathy of Indian officials who failed to provide refreshment for her unlike runners of other countries.
    Indian players to whom only beer and peanuts were served on the eve of Independence day by Indian embassy.
    what do you think about this kind of treatment with players?
    Who should be held responsible for the situations these player faced?
    After years of hardwork these players couldn't achieve what they deserve because of conspircy, politics and carelessness of Indian officials.
    Shouldn't Indian media raise these questions and arguments also?
    Or Indian sports odficials are trying to hide behind the success stories media coverage and fame given to achievers in olympics.
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    It has not yet been legally established that in the case wrestler Narsing Yadav any criminal conspiracy was actually involved. The ad hoc panel of the Court of Arbitration for Sports had observed that the concentration of the banned substance was so high in the first test result which would have come from an oral ingestion of one or two tablets of methandienone instead of from a drink where the powder had been mixed with water.

    Similarly, in the case of the marathon runner O.P Jaisa, it has been explained by the officials that she and her coach had declined their offer of energy drinks for her during the 42-kilometre race. They had declined the offer of drinks at the Beijing World Championship held last year. The Sports Ministry has already constituted a two-member committee to conduct an investigation.

    Regarding, the dinner issue, it is said that except the hockey players who had already been eliminated in the qualifying rounds, no other athlete had participated in the program and the players, as well as the officials, were busy in activities related to the remaining games.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes i was watching the cctv footage at the RIO Olympics which showed that many sports persons have been robbed , stolen of their costly things and yet they cannot make any complaint due to paucity of time and also the honor of the self. So what I means to say here that every player gone there to bring glory to the country and for themselves, but some times everything wont happen as per our wish and dream. Some players have lost their chance due to bad play, failure of good planning and thus they have to taste the hostile crowd. Nevertheless these are lessons for future.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    First and foremost if any player haven't been provided good foods or the facility which were very necessary at that point of time, when the players need them the most then how somebody can expect medals from that players who haven't have the best facility. Yes, the author said it right that the officials are hiding their wrong deeds in the back of the achievers who won the medal in Rio Olympic. I personally feel that the whole blame should not be put on the athletes who loses their matches in Rio Olympic, it was the officials who were not so supportive like other countries officials were.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    We are fortunate that we live in India and not in North Korea. If our situation is bad, their condition is worse. Jim kong un desired his athletes to bring 12 medals. But they managed to bring only 7. The victors were rewarded heavily with lavish bungalows and cash prizes but the losers were put into work in coal mines along with their family.

    Now in 21st century athletes are not treated as human beings but mere weapons or machines which bring fame and name. That is absolutely wrong.
    A country needs to give it's sportsmen a calm and serene atmosphere to practice. Propel them using encouragement, not by fear and greed.
    So India needs to change as well.

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    But amidst all medley, there is some good thing that Dipa Karmakar too treated at par with other two medal winners as she had missed the medal in a very very point difference.

    I accept the author that Indians are not helping our sportsmen particularly athletes and as it is told in other thread that there are some problems for Indians in consuming food also to get energy.

    Also at the time of when no medal has won by India, there was a big viral going on in this region calling for Kutraleeswaran who was once very fame for his swimming and even one news channel interviewed him and at that time he told the things may be better nowadays than 20 years before and hence he had opted to higher studies and went for work as there is no financial sponsors to meet the expenditure.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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