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    Have the incidences of dowry decreased with the spread of education among women?

    Dowry has always been a social evil prevalent in India and from time to time various measures are adopted by all concerned including the Government to eradicate this social menace.

    Of late , I have noticed that cases of demand of exorbitant dowry, harassment of brides for dowry or the dowry death have decreased. Is it really so and is it somehow related to the spread of education among women?

    Still, in Indian societies, the people label a dowryless marriage as a love marriage. The women after getting educated, get gainful employment also and therefore welcomed while settling matrimonial alliances.

    Have the incidences of dowry decreased with the spread of education among women?
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    Yes there has been considerable decrease in dowry related cases and we are not coming across any such news in the media in recent times. I would like to give credit to modern thinking process of the educated youth and their parents and also appreciate media which were highlighting the after effects of dowry and how the husband was put to problems by law enforcing authorities. Nevertheless , dowry should be totally abolished as the parents of a girl child is giving away the precious gift their blood as girl as big gift and the groom should be ever great full for this gesture.
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    Yes, I agree that dowry has decreased gradually as women in equally educated like men. Though there is dowry system still existing in some parts of the country not many will encourage this. Women is educated and now can stand on her own legs. She has the capability to earn and take care of herself and also her family. In such case, if a dowry is asked, a women itself will go against it. And most women look at men who ask for dowry as he has no self respect or that he has no confidence of himself to take care of her and hence taking money in the name of dowry and will not accept to get married to that man. Even educated men is against taking dowry and do not encourage it. Dowry system should completely be removed but it has reduced to a great extent now.

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    I vividly remember a catch phrase 'dulhan hi dahej hai' ( the bride herself is the dowry) used to be painted in the past every where particularly on the backside of buses and auto rickshaws. That was/is perhaps the best expression regarding the subject matter.
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    Decrease in dowry cases is found because of
    1.Education of women and employment of them so, some parents readily pays
    2.Fear of filing cases by girls and their people
    3.Fear of divorce
    4.Many girls are not intending marriage

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    When one D is decreased, another D is increased. Yes Dowry cases has reduced but Divorce cases has increased.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I don't think the rate of dowry decreased in India. It is because the style of asking changed. Nowadays there are some kind of peculiarities come to notice during marriages. Both families never discuss about the system publicly but while marriage they give money in terms of gifts, checks and account payment either to the groom or bride's. The dowry became somehow modern in this modern day. In some cases girls demand their parents when they got to know how much money their siblings get during their marriage and ask the same to their parents.
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