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    Oops! 'Joker' is now going to face terror charges!

    The televangelist who is accused of inspiring a number of people to join ISIS, most probably is going to be slapped with terror charges. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has now decided to book Zakir Naik under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for his hate speeches. His organisation, the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), which always remains in the centre of controversy over alleged "forced conversions" and other unlawful activities, also could be booked under the UAPA and faces closure.

    I welcome the action proposed to be taken the Ministry of Home Affairs. The unlawful activities and derogatory comments about other religions, especially religion of the majority community, can't continue in any civilised nation-state.
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    Under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), an 'unlawful organization' is defined which is different from a 'terrorist association'.

    Under the law, an 'unlawful association' covers any organization which indulges in activities leading to a threat to social and communal harmony. In case the Zakir Naik's organization, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is declared 'unlawful', then its offices across the country may face closure.

    Presently, the IRF runs the Islamic International School in Mumbai and Chennai and own many properties in Mumbai including its head office at Mumbai.

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    What I strongly feel that Zakir Nayak is not a true Muslim as his name suggests something else. In Hyderabad when I had the discussion about this person, the old city people disown him and his preaching and says that he is spoiling the Muslim religion by under mining other faiths. That is the following he has. The central government has done right to book him under UAPA act and frame charges as terrorist. By the way why should the Police keep quiet all these years when he was making false statement against Hindus on television and why they have not taken any action ?
    K Mohan
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