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    Two sisters Calotropis procera & Calotropis gigantea speaking in the street

    Hello sister Procera why are you so happy now? asked Gigantea

    I am happy as the VInayak Chathurthi is fast approaching this year on 5th Sep 2016- Procera replied.

    Yes I am also awaiting for the day as the people of this region only remembers us on this day and they pluck all flowers of us and put a mala for Vinayak – Gigantea

    Why are you joining with me because of late, people started cultivating you for the sake of doing vinayak statue and praising you as lucky plant – Procera

    Don't worry sister. We are already have our own pride and even we are called as crown flower with the shape of our 5 pointed petals and a centre crown shaped rising holds the stamens. In fact I am jealous of you with your colour of lavender as we always in cluster and cluster of lavender is more beautiful while I am white. But I am really laughed with the myth of attaching lucky when they do vinayak idol with me –Gigantea

    Yes I too feel happy with the name of Crown attached with our name. I do not understand why you say that as a myth? – Procera

    I really felt with the superstitions of people because even with a small mud people do with their hands, it will be considered as Vinayak and can be performed puja and only strong devotion and faith will fulfill all the wishes of people – Gigantea

    OK. I accept your explanation about idol. But in Ayurveda people use only you for their medicine – Procera

    No. though they generally refer gigantea but when it comes to Sanskrit or any other Indian language name, both of us are called in same name(Arka in Sanskrit, Madara in Hindi). But still if people who are not professional handled wrongly with the use of us, the milk produced in the latex will be poisonous and even recently I have heard that a lady who plucked the flower to help another person to reduce the pain of swelling on the wrist, did not wash her hand properly and rubbed her eyes caused her eye vision worsened. – Gigantea

    Yes Sister, even I pray to our god Vinayak that whoever plucked us for this Vinayak Puja to do malas should take care while handling the flowers – Procera

    That reminds me, that we are very favourite to lord Vinayak and we can be proud that we are very nearer to Lord- Gigantea

    Oh! Thank you sister. I am eagerly waiting for the person who is nearer to us in the street who always made good mala with us and awaiting for the moment she is going to perform puja. – Procera

    On the puja day, when we garlanded the Vinayak along with other garlands like marigold and other flower decorations of Lotus,white lilies, hibiscus, green grass, thulsi leaves and we may be feel like amidst the flower garden though these many days we are alone and away from other plants-Gigantea

    Oh. Very nice please tell me about other things that will happen in puja-Procera

    According to the region base, there are slight variations in performance but surely there will be common thing which is favourite food for Vinayak(purchased for this day made of clay) is Modak and other special varieties of food to offer and that will be kept in front of us and people will chant mantras and do aratis in the morning. Afterwards they will do another puja next day called Puna puja and keep away the idol from puja room to immense. Mostly people forgot to remove us from the idol that makes the water polluted-Gigantea

    We have to pray for that also that people should be aware of other healthy and hygienic practices too along with puja-Procera.

    Let us enjoy the puja day when some one do mala with our flowers.

    This is entry for Ganesh Chathurthi offering contest
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    I have updated the main contest announcement thread with the instruction "At the end of the story, please mention it is an entry for the contest and give a link to this thread." So please do the needful so that readers coming to this page can check out the contest details.

    Managing Editor,

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    Oh Glad Vandana the process is done after I respond to the announcement thread and copied the announcement link here and surprised to see the response.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Madar or Arka is a medicinal plant which is found in two varieties - Calotropis Procera (purple flowered) and Calotropis Gigantea (white flowered variety, known as crown flower also). These plants are found throughout India mostly in wastelands, arid regions and in open areas. In Bengali or Bangla language, it is known as 'Aakonda' and in Tamil/Malayalam languages it is known as 'Erukku''

    These plants are used for the treatment of medical conditions like joint pain, rheumatism, mumps, leucoderma, skin blemishes, piles, vitiligo, ears diseases like a pain in ears, infection leading to pus formation in ears etc. The white-flowered variety is preferred for medicinal purposes.

    Madar plant can be spotted in the temple compounds in India. It is a poisonous plant. Its leaves and stem yield thick milky juice when a cut is made.

    Lord Shiva is offered Dhatura flowers which are also extremely toxic along with Madar on auspicious days like Shivaratri etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good try on the part of the author to create a Ganesh Chathurthi story by using the two plants called Calotropis procera & Calotropis gigantea and frankly speaking I am coming across such narration for the first time.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thank you Kailash and Mohan.

    Kailash thanks for your inputs about this flower. In fact in our region we use this flower mala only for Ganesh Chathurthi and hence my immediate flash after I see the contest goes to this flower because from childhood I used to prepare this mala on the day of Chathurthi by plucking flowers from the plant and for that we should search for this plant here and there, though vendors bring malas but we prefer to prepare on our own. But in the search, I found every where it is said, these flowers are used for Siva only but really in this region we will not use it for Siva but only for Ganesh.

    I hope members would see the picture also because attachment showed very small though the picture is big. The picture has things which I have narrated in my post.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I have lot of such plants in my backyard. However, we never used it during Vinayaka Chathurthi celebration. What we look for is - Arugampul, Marikolunthu, Kadambam . Frankly writing. Erukkampoo (Gigantea) is a new item to me during Ganesh Chathurthi. Also, I have never seen the item sold in market during the Chathurthi days.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Yes it is famous in Chennai and around and in the case of white it is now popularising in Nellai district for the sake of manufacture of Vellerukku(white Madar) Vinayakar and in that region only it is now cultivated and called as lucky plant.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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