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    Who is great among these two great actors Kamalahasan and Rajnikanth?

    Who is great among these two great actors Kamalahasan and Rajnikanth?Kam alahasan and Rajnikanth are the two great film actors from the south. They also acted in various other language films. Recently, Kamalahasan of Tamilnadu has been conferred the French award 'Chevalier'. Rajnikanth also a superstar of the the south from Belgaum. Both Kamal and Rajni are good friends as well good arch rivals.

    What is your sincere opinion about these great veteran actors? Who is great among these two? Do you think Rajni also deserves the Chevalier award?

    Please post your frank and sincere response.
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    My vote will go to Kamalahasan. I first watched him in a Bengali film named 'Kabita' way back in 1977 as a young boy. I was deeply impressed by his acting prowess at an age of 10. Later during the nineties, I watched him in various Hindi movies and in one Tamil movie. He never failed to impress me.

    On the other hand, I don't like the patent mannerism of Rajnikant. I think, as an actor, he is one notch belwo Kamalahasan.

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    Out of the two actors mentioned by the author of the thread, my favorite is Kamal Hassan.

    As far as the awards are honors are concerned, the following is a brief comparative list -

    Kamal Hassan - Padma Shri (1990) and Padma Bhushan (2014), President's Gold Medal for Best Child Actor for his debut film, Kalathur Kannamma when he was only 6 years old, Kalaimamani Award (1979).

    Rajinikanth - Padma Bhushan (2000) and Padma Vibhushan (2016, Kalaimamani Award (1984), M. G. R. Award (1989).

    Rajinikanth (born 12.12.1950) is senior in age than Kamal Haasan (born 07.11.1954).

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Though both the supers stars of Tamil cinema are great , but I give the benefit of my choice to Kamala Hassan who is born for good acting and no wasting. I am the ardent fan of him and his Moodram Pirai was simply superb. In Telugu films like Swathi Muthyam, Sagara Sangamam was much attracted and impressed me. Where as Rajnikanth is the mass actor. He covers the likes of front benches and in acting he cannot compare with Kamala Hassan. May be his styles are liked by many but I am not impressed. Getting a Cheviliar award from France once again testifies that Kamal deserves that.
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    Both Kamalahassan and Rajinikanth are great actors. Rajinikanth attracts the audience through his unique style but Kamalahassan attracts the audience through his wide acting skills. Always my favorite is Kamalahassan. He is not only a good actor but also a good choreographer, producer, director, lyricist and a Philanthropist.He is one of the best actors in the world and his roles in the movies like Indian, Ovvaishanmugi, AnbeSivam, Vasool Raja, Virumandi, Viswaroopam, Dhasavadharam and still many more are good examples for his acting. Be it a Comedy or an Action or any Commercial movies only Kamal can adapt and deliver a good movie through his acting. He is an Encyclopedia of Tamil Cinema and has received many awards for his talent. The 'Chevalier Award' is another feather in his cap. Kamal is a great actor but he can never perform or imitate the unique and mass style of Rajinikanth. Both are experts in their areas. Rajinikanth is always a Stylish Superstar and Kamalahassan is a World's Superstar. I am happy that Tamil Film Industry is gifted with both the super stars.

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    Distinguishing between this two veteran actor is very difficult, as they both are very famous and have great influence in public, Kamalahasan is a very charming personality, he had a very good dancing skill and whereas about Rajinikanth he is the most loved and stylish actor of all time, both have great and vast fan following, my personal best is Rajinikanth, and I see his all movies, recently his KABALI movie is the biggest hit of the year, his first day collection has between many records.
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    Kamal Hasan is no doubt a better actor than Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth could become a hero of the masses due to the roles he had taken up and his style. But look at the achievements of Kamal as an actor; the variety of roles he has played in various Indian languages stands testimony to his talent. Rajnikanth had allowed himself to be typecast to be on the safer side but Kamal was always ready to take risks and to face the challenges. So, ultimately, Kamal is my choice as a better actor between the two.
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    Normally great acting performances are associated with tragedy, or the character .... It's a shame, because he is among the best comedians in Tamil cinema

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    My vote would go to Kamal Haasan. I do not think Rajanikanth has the kind of acting capabilities in comparison to Kamal. Be in any language films he has acted in, Kamal has proved time and again that he is a fine actor.

    I would agree that Rajini has the zing in him, but he has typecast himself in the stereotypical roles he has been playing. In moviedom, once you confine yourself in a particular style of performance, there is no way you can get out of it. There is a fear of failure which pulls you away from experimenting. That is, in my view, the tragedy that has been the reason why Rajini lacks class appeal. But, yes - he is a mass actor - however, that kills the real performer in you.

    Kamal has been always involved in experimental cinema and that makes him a great actor compared to Rajini.

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    My vote would go to Rajnikant. I do not see much movie and I have not seen a single movie of Kamal Haasan. rajnikant is a dynamic actor and i saw his robot.
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    Warning- My response may upset several fans of the concerned actors. Kindly ignore this response if you can be one of them.

    Personally, I feel it would have been greater to not compare the greatness of two actors . They are individual actors and have given many good films in their long career. But, even then, if I would have been forced to choose one, I would have voted for Rajnikant. Not because I like him more as an actor or person, but because ever since I can remember, I have heard more buzz about Rajnikant and his films than that of Mr. Kamal Hassan. In fact, even when I was a kid, I never liked Mr. Hassan playing the role of Chachi or something (I don't remember enough). That film however had have been successful, if I am not wrong. I do not wish to disrespect him or his acting, but for me as a child, it was always a pain to watch when his film was telecast on Doordarshan, the only channel we had at that time.

    I have not been even a fan of Mr. Rajnikant. However, I was pretty able to watch a few of his movies that were shot before 2000's, the reason being that we had only DD1 channel and my parents and relatives used to watch somewhat old movies during those times. Since then and till now, I have been hearing more about Rajnikant and as little as nothing about Kamal Hassan. So it is obvious that I see only Rajnikant to whom I can vote if I am given just these two choices.

    I have watched movies of 70's, 80's, 90's and afterwards... And I did find several of them entertaining, but sorrily, none of those included these two good actors.

    I am sorry if it hurts anybody, but that is all I know about myself and my taste, even if that's a little sour or bitter. I repeat, my confused vote goes to Rajnikant.

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    Acting is an art differently blessed to unique personality. There is no comparison to the acting of Kamalahasan and Rejanikant. Both are acting legends.

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