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    A Loss and Recovery on a Ganesh Chathurthi Festival Day

    Vijayan and Vimala got married last month, and this was the first festival in their married life. Vijayan asked Vimala,"Dear, What is your plan to celebrate Vinayaka Chathurthi on coming Monday? Vimala Said," I wish to buy a Ganesh idol of 1 foot 11 inches height, on a platform of 5 inches height. So that the total height will be 2 feet 4 inches…….." Vijayan interrupted and asked," What is the peculiarity of the size with accurate inches? Vimala explained,"Dear, My age is 23 and yours 28. Do you understand now? Vijayan said," Oh Dear! Fantastic thinking. How about the eats on that day?

    Vimala said," I have planned to prepare Modaks and Laddus for Ganesh. We both will make Modaks and Laddus at home, the favorite likings of Lord Sri Ganesh." Vijayan said," Lovely. Should we not have additional dishes for Ganapathy?" Vimala said," Yes. All other items would be brought from the shop. Also don't forget to bring little clay and little cowdung.". Vijayan surprised and asked,"What? Cowdung? Why? Vimala explained that the Vinayaka should be represented in the form of Rice flour, Turmeric , Clay, Gud and Cowdung. We should place the Arugampul(A holy green grass) on cowdung Ganesh.

    On Sunday, the couple brought all the items for the festival. Vimala got up early in the morning and prepared the house front with Rangoli. Vijayan got up little later and started helping Vimala. Vimala said," Darling, Modhak is mine and Laddu is yours. Dear, Don't try to taste the Laddus you make. Ganesh may not accept the human tasted Laddus. He likes only the fresh Laddus." Finally, the items got ready. Vijayan and Vimala changed into their traditional dresses. They laid all the items in front of the idol; did aarthi; sang devotional songs in praise of Lord Ganesh.

    While they were relaxing after the pooja, Vimala shouted,"Oh My ring, Darling, My wedding ring is missing." She asked Vijayan," Darling, Did you see my wedding ring. It's missing." Vijayan said,"What? Wedding ring is missing? I know, you are a careless girl. Come on, search for it. When did you see it last? Did you remove it? Vijayan started his arrow of questions. Vimala was silent. She started praying Lord Ganesh,"Oh My Lord! What is this? Why such a test on this day? What sin have I committed to lose my wedding ring today? Please help me to restore my ring, my dear Lord."

    Their search was a futile effort. The ring could not be traced. They were worried. Finally, they consoled themselves and prepared to taste the dishes they offered to the God. Vimala took one Modhak and fed it to Vijayan while Vijayan took one laddu and fed it to Vimal. While biting the Modhak, Vijayan found it hard to bite. He took out the Modhak to find the hard object in it.( Vimala was busy eating the laddu and was appreciating her darling's tasty preparation) OMG! Vijayan was surprised to see Vimala's lost wedding ring. He did not disclose it to Vimal. He smiled at Vimala and said," Darling, Forget the past. Let us go to Ganesh temple today to put up your problem to our Lord. He will surely help us."

    That evening, they visited a nearby Ganesh temple; worshipped the Lord; placed a good sum in the hundi; offered prayers and sat in a corner of the temple. Vijayan asked Vimala to close her eyes. Vimala did it. Vijayan placed the Wedding ring on to her ring finger. Vimala was surprised and spellbound. Slowly she asked,"How is this, Darling." Vijayan said," Your prayer to Lord really helped, Darling." While on bed, Vijayan told the story of wedding ring inside the Modhak.

    Vijayan said," Darling, Never again go for 28. I think Lord Vigneshwara doesn't like it, if I am right."

    @ This is my entry for Festival creative story writing contest.
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    Wedding ring inside the Modak story was well conceived and well narrated by the author through a story form made an interesting reading. My appreciation to author.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Since I am interacting with the author of the story since last more than one year, I know about his style of writing and therefore enjoyed the story. However, for new authors, it may be difficult to understand the connection between the figure 28 and losing the finger ring. Apparently, the loss of finger ring has nothing to do with the age of the individual concerned and its reckoning for the purpose of deciding the height of the God Ganesha idol.

    May God Ganesh bless the couple and they live an eternal happy married life and celebrate the Ganesha Chaturthi festival during their golden jubilee year with an Idol of God Ganesha of height 28+50=78 inches i.e. six feet.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Calculate foot and inches together 1 foot + 11 inches = 23 inches and 2 feet and 4 inches is 28 inches. So he has introduced the system of maths and I feel (ha ha ha) the virus has spread from me related to numbers.

    Also the line of saying about 28 is as per numerology, 28 is supposed to be a bad vibrating number and hence there is some problem arises but the total of 28 is 1 as per numerology finally it will give good.

    So now Sun is turning towards numerology from astrology and I remember when I responded very earlier in one of his astrological thread on numerology he did not accepted.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A very good story from Mr. Sun, which apparently mixes romance, suspense and numerology. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new couple's celebration of 'Ganesha Chaturthi'. May Lord Ganesha fulfil their wish.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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