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    Modak offered on Ganesh Chathurthy to naturally made Ganesh through tree trunk

    My son and my daughter were so enthusiastic on the day of Ganesh Chathurthy as they started helping their mother in preparing Modaks. I was wondering as to why the two are more cordial and helping the mother. I even asked them what is the matter. They said some thing surprise is in store and they wont reveal.

    Once the preparation of Modaks were finished, both of them packed some of Modaks in a tiffin box and wanted to visit a place.

    Being a festival day,we does not want to miss the children presence and asked them where are they going. My son sought my scooter and he asked his sister to sit on the back and they drove away with the request that they will come within 20 minutes.

    Myself and my wife was worried that they might have gone to my brothers place to share the Modaks with his cousins. And we made inquiries whether my children went there. But they said no.

    So our curiosity rose and tension mounted. But within 20 minutes they came back with a big achievement on their face and that cannot be measured. Both of us were eager to know where they went and why they are happy.

    My son and daughter went to AOC center where in on the main road there is Banyan tree and its one of the trunk resembles as Lord Ganesh and even the passerby would offer prayers and prasad to the tree God. So my children also offered the Modak may be for the first time by any devotee so far.

    This is the entry for Ganesh Chathurthy contest.
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    It is not clear as to why the children had not informed their parents in advance as then it would have been possible for the parents also to join them in offering prayers to the God Ganesha and the full family would have received the blessings of the God together. However, I believe that the God is everywhere and always blesses the devotees who have true faith and belief in Him.
    I pray to the God Ganesha to bless all of us.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Children want to do some thing to the surprise of the parents and hence that action without informing.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Mr. Mohan,
    I appreciate your story and wonder about feeding Modhaks to Ganesh through the trunk of a tree?. I have heard about Ganesh drinking milk, but never heard about Ganesh eating Modhak. May I know whether the Modhak offered is recoverable to be eaten by the devotees?

    @ Finally, your story is falling short of 100 words (250 against the minimum 350) and does not qualify for the contest. May Lord Ganesh help you to add more text to your story to fit into selection.

    No life without Sun ¤

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