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    We don't need Minister for Education, instead we need Edcuation for Ministers.

    During the recent Olympics we have seen how the sport Minister was ignorant of the name of the sports persons and even the events. In India getting into politics is easy provided you have muscle and money power. If you are uneducated and ready to spend money for the party and elections , then ticket is given and eventually the candidate shall win. But what about the performance after election. We find many MP's and Ministers not attending the session at all or simply dosing off in the air conditioned hall then walking away with the pay for the month. What is your opinion.
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    Such a scenario has emerged due to all of us only. The voters are corrupt. They want to elect such a person as their representative who can get their work done e.g. regularising illegal constructions made by encroaching the Government land, look away from the facts of pilferage of electricity through illegal connections, encroachment of road, issue letters recommending certain work to be done from the Government departments or at least make a phone call to recommend for certain work of the voters.

    An elected representative of the corrupt voters is also like that only. They feel confident that during the next elections also their vote bank will support them and therefore they don't worry much about their duties and responsibilities.

    Many political leaders don't want to come to the centre because at state/local level they can serve their voters better than what they can do while occupying a ministerial position at the centre. Because of this reason only many regional parties has emegred with due coppoeration of the voters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think we should not put full blame on such ministers fully because at some or the other way we people are fail to elect good representative for our country, we should not forget that there are some people who take money for voting, and now a day people vote for that minister who give them liquor, but at the same time we forget that after winning the election what will happen to us, every day we are hearing about the rise of food price, it is just because of the uneducated ministers who don't know how to handle the situations which are demanded at present.
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    Babu Saroj when other jobs or assignments needed minimum qualification guarantee why the politicians are excused on this ?
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