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    Have you ever closely watched the greatness in every currency notes of India ?

    We all know that at present the country is having paper currencies of rupees 5,10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. But on close scrutinizing of each denomination we find some great information shared to the public. Like rupees five note has prominence attached to our agriculture. Rupees 10 highlights the animal Kingdom, Rupees 20 mentions the beauty of our sea coasts, Fifty rupees note gives prominence to politics and highlights the Parliament. Rupees 100 signifies the great importance of our nature ie Himalayan mountain. Rupees five hundred glorifies the famous Dhandi Yatra of Mahatma Gandhi. And lastly the 1000 rupee note highlights about Industries progress..
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    The contemporary bank notes are called the Mahatma Gandhi Series of banknotes. After independence, new designs were introduced replacing the portrait of the king. The present design portrays the following on the reverse side though on the obverse side image of Mahatma Gandhi is printed on the banknotes of all denominations-

    1. Rs. 1000 - Economy of India
    2. Rs. 500 - Dandi March
    3. Rs. 100 - Himalaya Mountains
    4. Rs. 50 - Parliament of India
    5. Rs. 20 - Mount Harriet, Port Blair
    6. Rs. 10 - Rhinoceros, elephant, tiger
    7. Rs. 5 - Tractor
    8. Rs. 1 - Sagar Samrat oil rig

    A water mark of Mahatma Gandhi is printed on bank notes of all denominations except Rs. 1 on which the watermark of 'Pillars of Ashoka' is published.

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    Different notes have different significance, but can anyone say that why these significance are made, why not only a simple note with only number print. Is there any custom or any rule which make the money maker to do that, or does any law stops them from printing a simple note. If we see then we will find that every note as some colour print on that, so if one note whether it is of Rupees 10, 20, 50 etc. Is print in colour then the other note of same amount will also be coloured then we can think how much colour is getting wasted. Well I suggest that note should be made less and Electronic transaction should be popularised and in the way we can save tree also.
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    It is very essential to have our currencies in varying colour and design to avoid duplication of currency notes by the fraud elements of our country and foreign countries. It is good to see different themes in different denomination of currencies. Very sad to note that the currency notes are getting spoiled due to wear and tear. Many hundred crores of spoiled/mutilated currency notes are being returned to Reserve bank of India. We should find some solution to overcome this problem.
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