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    Never presume the stumbling blocks are hurdles infact they are stepping stones for success

    Take example when you are going in a single way in a village covered with mud route and suddenly a small stream appears and you want to cross. Certainly some Samaritans would have put some stones through which one can reach out to other side of the stream. Same is the case in every ones life. We encounter stumbling blocks at every work being done and that should not deter us from the challenge and we must surge forward with courage by accepting those stumbling blocks as the helping hand to achieve our goal. Any comment on this ?
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    The human life is actually about negotiating the hurdles and stumbling blocks only. Without hurdles and stumbling blocks, the life is likely to be lifeless. There are so many animals and creatures on this earth. Many simply crawl like insects and get vanished in due course despite having a 'life'. Unfortunately many humans also just live a life akin to those insects. Such people have no desire, no aim or no objective in life and that way don't serve any useful purpose for the society. They get born one day, go on feeding and breathing and depart one day. Their arrival or departure on the earth has got no meaning.

    The real humans, on the other hand, face the challenges of life, negotiate them, find their own path to succeed and thus show a path to others also by becoming a source of inspiration.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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