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    27 years have since passed!

    On 26th August, 1989, the young student attended his B.Tech (Fibre Technology) classes. While returning from the College, he took the decision, he would accept the offer of appointment. Returning home, he told his parents about his decision. His mother cried, his father was feeling guilty, but somehow they accepted his decision. On 27th August, 1989 (Sunday), the young boy and his father took Black Diamond Express for Dhanbad. He went to the Zonal Training School, Eastern Railway, Bhuli and registered himself as a trainee. With effect from 28th August, 1989 (Monday), the young student formally became an employee of Government of India.

    Since then, 27 years have passed. The young man left that job, got 3-4 better offers from the Government, accepted one of these offers and is now settled in Delhi. During his 27 years of service, he has learnt how the Government of India functions. Many Officers and Seniors have taught him various nitty-gritty of Govt. functioning. Fortunately he has always developed a rapport with his subordinates. In Government, he got further opportunities to study and completed four Masters Degree (including MBA) and a PG Diploma. He successfully cleared NET in two subjects.

    On this day, the earlier young boy, now a middle-aged man approaching forty-nine, expresses deep gratitude to the Officers and staff with whom he has got the opportunity to work during the 27 years of service.

    P.S.: Just now a school-friend called the man from Bengaluru. When he heard about 27 years of Govt. Service, he jocularly opined that after 12 years of Govt. Service, people become donkeys. And after 27 years of service, the middle-aged man has definitely become 'double-donkey'! Is the school-friend correct? Who knows!
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    What a nice way to express gratitude to the co employees for their unstinting support to your 27 years clean service in a Government organization. My best wishes to you on this occasion.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Sorry, I never knew that our government has a strong donkey force too.

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    The life is like a relay race. The baton has to be passed to the next player after giving one's best in the leg of race allotted to him/her. The lifespan of an individual is his/her allotted leg of the journey. The baton has to be passed to the next generation.

    An incremental progress or value addition in each of subsequent generations should be the goal. In case an individual is not able to add value to the next generation, then in my personal opinion, he/she is sure a 'donkey' irrespective of his/her being a Government employee or otherwise.

    It is being very selfish on the part of the individuals to trumpet their own success and achievement. The real joy, happiness and contentedness should be in feeling proud about the success of one's offsprings.

    I always feel like saluting a maid or a street vendor whose children crack JEE or civil services examination.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar,

    It is being very selfish on the part of the individuals to trumpet their own success and achievement. That's not a nice thing to say. What is wrong in taking pride in one's success and achievement? Don't we all, including you, trumpet the milestones we reach here or the goals we achieve? And so what if something has not been passed on to the next generation? Does that diminish the value of the work done by the individual? One should be proud of the work one has done, having done it to the best of one's ability, whether it is for 2 years or 20+ years.

    By the way, donkeys are one of the hardest working animals, carrying burdens of others.

    My congratulations to Partha for his many years service, that too at one job. No mean feat that, giving your all, day in day out, doing the same work all these years.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thanks for all the responses. Here I want to clarify that in Government I have not stuck in one job. In the Govt. sector, I changed the job thrice. In my present job itself, the present assignment is my 5th Ministerial assignment.

    So far as 'donkey' is concerned, it is to clarify that in Bengal, some people say that after 12 years of Govt. service, Govt. employees stop using their brains and become donkeys. My school-friend only referred to this old joke! Now, I am introspecting whether I have become a donkey and stopped using my brain, or the transformation would require some more time!

    Another thing I would like to state. In this thread, I have never attempted to blow my own trumpet. I have been reminiscing my journey during these 27 years. I was thinking about the day when instead of being happy, my parents were very sad because I had to discontinue my study and join Govt. service. Of course, later I fulfilled their wish, at least partly when I resumed my study.

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    Partha, surely your narration showed most of the CG employees who wanted to be very sincere and also at the same time taking challenging jobs and that number if very minimal out of the whole population of CG employees and hence the phrase told by your friend is in general. I can visualise your thing as I was also on the same boat. Also another factor I have noticed, outside world mostly equated SG employees with CG employees and hence more criticism one has to come across.

    All the best for your endeavours and hope to have more challenging jobs in future too.

    Those days have gone when someone after joining GS, fixed in same organisation and same city and nowadays even after retirement, people are going for many contractual challenges in and abroad.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    No, your school friend is not correct but yes, after spending many years in a field, people can become little slow because the surrounding in which he works become a part of his/her life however, it is just not a joke. After reading your experience in your life, I must say that you lived your life the way you wanted and it is a positive reflection of your personal character. I wish you continue your journey with the great pride, you shown in your this thread.

    And yes, I should mentioned it here that while reading your thread, I didn't fee that you are blowing your trumpet, no where you try to force the reader that you have achieved something big which other could not do.

    "Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith." - Sardar Bhagat Singh

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