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    Let there be voting system to declare the best thread of the week award

    While I agree that this site gives hundred percent transparency in many matters and the members are fully satisfied with that, but on what basis the TOW awards are being declared is the question of doubt lingering in my mind. We know lot many good threads are being raised every day by the creative minds of members and at times they fail to get the due recognition from the editors. Just we want to know how the threads are awarded the best. Alternatively ISC can organize voting on every Sundays to select the best threads appeared from Monday to Saturday and that would be befitting without any doubt. Please do not post any negative response to this post as if I am yearning for any award or reward. Some one has to bell the cat and I have done this today.
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    Let us not interfere in the selection process of TOW awards. Let us maintain status quo. The TOW Editors are doing a fine job. According to me, you have won the maximum TOW awards, to be proud. I do not think voting will help to select the best TOW. Afterall, who would vote? It is Mohan, Kailash, Partha, Sun and very few other members only. Many members may not go through the threads for the sake of voting. Where is time for it? Sorry, I am not for it.
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    The existing system is alright. Let the editors take the decision as usual. In general, I find their decisions fair. They have to take decisions in the overall interest of the website. It has always been a policy in almost all organizations to encourage sprouting talent instead of going on nurturing the fully grown up trees. I have always maintained, in case two different entries are found of comparable quality, then the younger one i.e. the thread raised by the newer member should be rewarded so as to motivate him/her.

    Regarding voting, there are generally only a few members who remain online in the Sunday evening. The perception of each voter may be different. The voting will create utter confusion and moreover that is not required also.

    I have noticed that novelty of thoughts is being recognised in the TOW contest instead of old stale thoughts of repetitive nature. Such novel ideas come either by a fresher or by those members who keep on refreshing their thoughts by continung studies from other resources.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Mohan, there is no doubt that voting will bring more transparency. But do the Members read all the Forum threads to judge the threads? At least, I can't read all the threads. As for example, I could not read the award-winning thread (of this week) of Mr. Kambhampati. I missed it completely. I have read it only today after announcement of the TOW award. So, I have doubt whether voting system can select best threads, or not.
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    I am not at all doubting the sincerity of the editors in announcing the awards, but somewhere they are missing good threads which were eligible but missing the bus.
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