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Feel free to use the "Related Keywords" feature so that your thread will show similar threads and also, your thread will appear under other similar threads. Also, there is a new option to "Auto Generate Keyword to all similar posts". If you choose this option while adding keyword, system will automatically insert the same keyword to all other forum threads/resources that match the keyword. This will help the site to improve its keyword grouping.
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    Let us use related keywords feature while raising a new thread.

    While raising a new thread, 'Related Keywords' feature appears below the name of the author after posting. This enables the authors to add related threads or responses in the forum section to the new thread.

    Recently the Webmaster Tony John has thrown light on the subject matter vide his response #576995 on this thread.

    Using this feature is likely to have following advantages also -
    1. The authors will be able to know if the topic is a saturated one i.e. repeated many times in the past or have some novelty or creativity.
    2. The members will be able to visit the related threads also.

    Let us use related keywords feature while raising a new thread.
  • #577091
    Well I have never tried this feature so far and I have also seen Tony response to your query that the problem regarding key words has been fixed. Let me also try.
    K Mohan
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  • #577103
    It has pluses but as well as some minuses as it may show some old threads and if that was not locked, members may respond it. So admn may ensure locking of all old threads before this implementation.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #577114
    The point by Saroja at #577103 has been put up to the WMs for clarification. Kindly wait for a response in this connection.
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  • #577115
    I think the 'Related Keywords' feature has nothing to do with the 'locking' status or otherwise of the threads. Perhaps, it is like the 'Related Keywords' feature under use since long in the 'articles' section which digs out all resources irrespective of the age of the resources.
    'Locking' restricts only posting of responses on the threads.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Related key-word in Forum is not yet functioning in my case. Let me see what happens when necessary rectifications are made. Generally speaking, I like this 'Keyword' feature in the Forum posts.
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  • #577156
    before saying please look into your own thread which has related threads among them few are old and hence I have suggested for locking. You might not know about this feature which was previously available in different format in ISC which caused many members to respond in old threads. One or two years before that was taken out from ISC and again re introduced in different kind of related words.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #577157
    Saroja Ji - On the other thread raised by the Webmaster Tony John about automatic locking of the threads after 15 minutes for editing, I have requested the Webmaster to consider devising a system to automatically lock the thread for further responses after 10 days. Let us see, if that is possible.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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