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    Can a person survive for long with his ego?

    Can a person who is too egoistic survive as a normal person in the society? This thread seeks to discuss the problems of people with such attitude.

    There are many people in this world having a very bad ego. I have seen a person with ego who don't talk to others with respect and even don't respect elders in their own family. In general when someone commit any mistake they are ready to apologize but those with too much of ego do not apologize and try to argue that they are right even when they know what they have done is wrong.
    People will be with a person who has ego for few days and eventually back out because of their behavior.
    Everyone will have ego to an extent but not beyond limit. The one with ego problem beyond the limit cannot survive in the society in a normal way as he will lose his relationship with everyone.
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    When an individual is born, he/she has no ego. However, during the process of growing up, he/she learns everything including the 'egoistic attitude' from the surroundings. The parents, teachers, friends, neighbors play their respective roles in enabling the individual concerned to learn everything. As a matter of fact, the parents are the real culprit in not being able to inculcate right values in their children letting him/her acquire a bad temper or negative attitudes and suffer later in their life.

    It is better to first try to counsel the individual concerned and on finding that he/she is incorrigible, shun him/her forever. There perhaps be no gain in starving to correct the individuals. More often that not, such endeavors are likely to prove a fiasco.

    Such people may learn themselves one day on realizing that nobody will love them for their egoistic behavior. May God Ganesha bless them with wisdom to enable them improve upon themselves.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ego if one has e(verything) go. Having a minute ego in one will lead his ruin definitely. The same has been depicted clearly in all stories told in all our religious,irrespective of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, sikh etc., The demon kings like Ravana, Hranyakasibu, Dhuryodhana, met tragic ends only because of their ego. One cine song in Tamil, 'Pathavi varum bOthu Panivu varavEndum' meant 'one should behave humble even he possess a higher position'. But I have seen many such higher-ups got such supremacist because of his humbleness. The same politely talking was suggested to me by my Director-Personnel when I joined in Big organization as Personnel Officer and I duly followed his advice since then and succeeded in all my ventures and issues faced by me . He, my director have not possessed a single pin-level ego in him though he is an educated and holding a senior most person in a big concern. I just followed him. Later after many years service in that organisation, I have been selected initially for job opportunity in a Tamil Newspaper publication group. They asked me to meet the President of the Group for finalization. I went to his office with prior appointment. I went inside on his calling. He,though a senior most person age wise and position wise, stood up, invited me and offered a seat. During the entire discussion he, to my astonishment, spoke very politely without any single ego in him. On completing everything successfully, before I took leave from him he told me,"Ram, you found very polite and my only doubt is how you are going to tackle the entire persons'. I replied him,'Sir, you are a senior most popular person, you stood from your seat and invited me without any ego, to you how I could talk otherwise? Moreover I have behave according to the situation as I am related to personnel side'. I really even today respecting him for his nature without ego.
    We should not possess ego on any situation.

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    Every person should note that at least four people are needed in our life to be friendly so that during our trying times we may seek their help and even during death four people are required to lift our dead body. Yes there are people who shows ego for every aspect and they think that they are superior and others are worst. Down with such attitude. They must know that birth and death are the reality and the time we are spending in between that is the farce and even called as drama. No one can survive with continued ego and he will be relegated to made person sooner or later and he will be isolated in all aspects. One of my relative is rich and has abundant of talented children and his life was full of roses and no thorns. But when he expired, there was no one to attend to his needs and his ceremonies were not attended by relatives even though message was sent. What is the use of such life when every one forgotten him ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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