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    Changing ourselves to suit to the place is a must sometimes

    We all have our own attitude and habits but changing according to places is inevitable. Any violation of this requirement may result in some tragedy.

    When we start going for a job in a new company, we should follow the rules and regulations of that company though our earlier company practices have been different. If we violate or dispute with them it results in quitting from the job and there is no loss to the company.

    Similarly many of our elder ladies changed all their practices to suit their husband side practices and thereby many (more than 90 percent) families run a decent life without any serious issue. But presently many girls lack this understanding and the result is divorce or separation. They are arguing why should I change myself instead let him change. It is correct according to them but the result the boy losses total relationship of his own side but having a single (wife) relationship or the people of her side. If this girl changes herself to suit to the husband's side, she will gain huge group of relations of both sides.

    Office or workplace is not different from the house situation in anyway to anybody, as my grand father used to always say. He says that men, when they are at their workplace meet many different type of people or designated authorities and should dance according to their tunes whether interested or not. Similarly ladies in the house act many roles themselves and have to tackle the situations raised by elders of the family as well youngsters and children of the family.

    One of my relative girl who got married recently and is living with her husband and one child. Due to the situation of the husband they are living separately. This lady do not understand the real situation but she thinks that her husband likes the nuclear type family. She never allows any relatives from her husband side into their house . If anybody comes on their own, she silently goes inside the room and lie down as uninterested. The visitors returns feeling dejected.
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    It depends on the individual's attitude. The humans being a social animal have to live in a society i.e. they have to interact with many persons including their family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers.

    Many of them develop a very social nature and many others develop an individualistic personality depending upon the training they get from their elders. The social types one have an understanding and adjusting nature. Many people suffer a lot in the society because of their outstanding adjusting nature also.

    Since it not possibly to fully gauge the prospective spouses, the best policy is to assess and evaluate their parents and families. The kind of life their parents are leading and their behavior can reveal a lot about their children.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I fully agree with the author. For some people they cannot and should not stick on to old tradition or methods of living and they have to change as per the present trend. My father in law was very orthodox and he wont drink any water supplied through tap. He wants to live with well water and that is available only in Tamil Nadu. But when he wants to settle in Hyderabad, we could not find a well having home to lodge as rented family and thus we convinced him to compromise his tradition and thus accepted the truth that when the things are not available, one has to adjust with the available things as alternative otherwise survival becomes difficult.
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