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    Why don't parents inculcate consumption of traditional healthy Indian snacks by their children?

    At present, when their children ask them for something to eat, many of the parents buy Kurkure, Potato chips, 5 Star chocolates, candies, cookies, cakes, burgers, Cheetos, carbonated cool drinks, Ice Creams etc. Parents feel happy that they have satisfied their children very easily without much trouble. But they don't realize that they are spoiling the health of their children by providing junk food. These snack items provide more calories and least quantity of nutrients. This habit in course of time leads to obesity and nutrition related disorders. The old traditional snacks are actually healthy and provide lot of nutrients to the body. Various type of Chikkis (peanut, groundnut, cashew nut), Rava laddu, Urd Dal laddu, Bandaru laddu, Boondi laddu, Lauju/ Laskora (Coconut powder + Jaggery), Samosa, Potato Bonda, Chakli/Chakodi, Murukulu, Bhelpuri, Yellow rice etc are examples. Encouraging children to eat this type of Indian snacks is good for the health because they are highly nutritious in nature. If both the parents are busy with their jobs they can buy them instead of junk food items in Swagruha Food Houses which are so commonly found in all cities and big or small towns at present. This type food houses are making all our traditional food items including even some of which we don't know in our present times.
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    The main reason is that the traditional foods will have to be prepared fresh by the parents my consuming their own time and energy whereas in the market junk food can be bought on paying its price without any personal efforts.

    Though gradually a trend in emerging that few traditional items are also being sold in the market but again chemical preservatives are added in the same to increase their shelf life.

    It is true that for working mothers it is increasingly being difficult to prepare fresh tiffin every morning for the school going kids. In the past, the mothers used to prepare many supplementary food items having longer shelf life also from time to time.

    What to talk about nourishing, the people have gone up to the extent of hiring surrogate mothers also to bear the labor pain.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do appreciate the author for this thread which gives thrust to our traditional snacks prepared at home instead of harping on packaged snacks available on the shelves of any store. If a home as a elder person or the Daadi or Naani, surely she would prepare, Thattai, Murukku, Manahombu, Karaasevai at home which not only tastes good but also good for the health. But the fact is that the present generation are living without the guidance of the elders and they do not know how to prepare those snacks. And thus they are heavily depend on the road side sweet shop savories. Near my house there is sweet shop called Andal Sweet shop which makes sweets and Kaara items for 200 per kg and they make all kinds of varieties. So this shop understood the weakness of the modern mothers, and hence their sales are developing at horse speed and he is expanding his business every now and then.
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