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    Opinion about the use of Article 356 of Indian constitution

    Article 356 of Indian constitution states that president rule can be imposed in a state if there is a breakdown of constitutional machinery. It has been very controversial since Independenceit has been imposed 100 times by congress government and few times by NDA government. Recently chief minister of Bihar argued to remove this article from constitution.Give your opinion about the use and usefulness of Article 356 of Indian constitution?
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    As on date, the Consitution of India is the supreme law of the land. In the case of failure of constitutional machinery in the states, the central Government takes over the Government of the state as provided under Article 356 because the Article 355 has imposed a duty on the central Government to ensure that Government in each state is functioning strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

    All such actions of the central Government are open to discussions and debates in the Parliament and are subject to the judicial review also.

    In view of the above, there appears to be no substance in raising concerns at the level of the citizens of India till the existing provisions are amended by the Parliament of India.

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    Yes article 356 has been misused by the Congress many times if the State Chief Minister happens to be of other party. The best example can be stated in respect of NTR regime. During his famous regime the Congress was unceremoninously removed him and installed Bhaskar Rao as the CM and there was public unrest almost one month and the Governor Ramlal was no other option to press the New Delhi to reverse the decision and reinstate N T Rama Rao as the CM of AP then. That was the history and NTR even wowed that NDA would strive to remove this article and pave way of full term of any democratically elected government. It was the habit of Congress to harass the non-Congress state government that if they do not follow the rules they would fall the axe. But thank God , that sort of regime is gone for ever and the BJP ruled NDA is proving to be better than UPA previously.
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