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    Do we watch News or Advertisements?

    Yeah, it's funny but true. Whenever I tune TV to a news channel, I feel as if I am watching advertisements and the news comes just in between. Not only that, if you try to change channel, the other channels too will be busy showing advertisements. I mean to say that almost all the news channel show the advertisements at the same time!

    I wonder, if news are more important or advertisements for the viewer?
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    Yes Jeets you raked up the right thread which even I was contemplating to raise. It is become habit of every news channel to insert advertisements of more than three minutes in a row and show a news item of just 2 minutes and thus we are forced to watch the ads. The Hindi channels are the worst as they wont complete the news and keep us waiting for next feed and the ads made to run. In this regard I appreciate the BBC news which does not show ads but fully news. I some times wonder how that channel is surviving without any income and yet they are giving authentic and latest news on live. The Information Ministry must take note of this harassment by the news channels who are following the fixed time of showing ads and we cannot even move to other channels as they are also showing same ads or other ads at same time. If laws are not made to mend their ways the news channels may keep on advertising by showing only scrolling in future.
    K Mohan
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    It is not only applicable to news channels but even other entertainment channels. That means all channels invariably forcing us to see advertisement some or other in some channels.

    As told by author, it is really irritating while watching news channels. As told by Mohan very very few channels showing the real news and I can say one in our regional channel is Polimer news that will show only news but it has unique thing that it will repeat two to three times the same news slots.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    The fact is that the television channels are created by the companies primarily for showing advertisements only which is the source of their income. However, in case only advertisements are shown, then the public will not visit such channels and TRP being zero no advertisements will be received. Therefore, with a view to catch/attract the viewers and maintain an acceptable TRP, some news or other entertain programs are also thrown in between.

    Since all television channels have to earn revenue through advertisements only, they have entered into a mutual understanding to broadcast the advertisements at the same time otherwise, the viewers will migrate to other channels temporarily during the period of showing advertisements.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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