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    Carefree and truthful like a child

    Have you ever observed how carefree, unapologetic yet truthful these little kids are! Their mood changes in a matter of a few seconds and they are very unlikely to carry on their tantrums for long.
    Once I had seen such an incident which touched me so much that I would like to mention it here. I had gone to a dental clinic for a regular check up and there I saw a couple trying to comfort their child who was crying at the thought of getting his tooth removed. 'Ma, Dad how will I speak to you and how will you understand what I want if the dentist removes my teeth", he was crying.
    It was so cute but truthful. He did not want to show he was scared to get his tooth removed but was trying to reason in such a sensible way to make his parents get his point.
    The lesson we should learn is that we, as grownups rarely deal with troubles in our life in a sensible way. Rather, we lose patience easily and show our anger to our parents especially.
    If they call us to know why we are late in returning home ,we get irritated and tell them not to interfere and worry so much as we are adults now.
    This may not be true in every person's life but true in some cases at least.
    Members, please share your views on this topic.
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    Yes some kids have immense talent which they portray now and then. The other day we had been to a marriage function and after the celebrations were over we were about to take the lunch and a little girl sitting opposite to us has stopped everyone from eating unless and until her prayer is over. Such a nice and cute gesture I have never seen. She would be hardly a LKG student and studying in International school and the culture they inculcated that a prayer must be addressed to thank the God for today's food and that was liked by every one. So for two minutes the child was praying and every one was watching her.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is very simple to understand. The children don't act independently and they are continuously taken care of by the parents or elders. They have no prejudices and remain totally innocent of the hard realities of life. They believe that the life is simple arithmetic like 2+2=4. Only when they have to deal with the people without any help, assistance, support or guidance of the elders, they come to know about the harsh realities of life.

    Sometimes, we come across street children/urchins who behave like adults and talk in a very 'matter of the fact' manner because, unfortunately, they have to face the ground realities at a tender age. Thus it primarily depends on the individual circumstances.

    Few children start telling lies at an early age in case they learn so by watching their parents behaving like that and they remain carefree as long as the protective cover is not withdrawn from them. Perhaps, the most dreaded criminals also would have been simple and innocent children during their early childhood.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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