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    Is M.S.Dhoni a best Match Finisher?

    M.S Dhoni is a talented Cricketer. In many matches Dhoni has ended the match with his extraordinary Sixes. He is one of the Successful Indian Captains who have brought the best out of his team so far in all the matches. Be it a captain or a wicket keeper or a batsman, Dhoni has given best win in many matches with his beautiful finishing touch.

    Among all the 11 players in the team, usually the captain will be having an extra responsibility and he needs to take the team towards the success. Dhoni usually handles such situation in a descent manner. At some times, the situation will go out of the captain's hand and the team may face failure. The same unfortunate moment happened for India during the first T20 match which was held last night against West Indies in the U.S.A. Chasing 245 runs in T20 match is a big task. Because of K.L.Rahul's century and the other player's efforts, India successfully chased the runs. But unfortunately at the last moment, Dhoni went out and because of that West Indies won by 1 run.

    Usually fans will call Dhoni as a best finisher. But it didn't turn up true yesterday.

    What is your opinion on Dhoni's last minute play in the ground? Is Dhoni a best finisher?

    If you feel Dhoni is a best finisher then share some of the best finishing moments of Mr.Cool-M.S.Dhoni.
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    Age matters in the case of players. With the increase in the age of Dhoni, his performance is bound to get affected at least as a player, if not as a captain to lead, inspire and strategize.
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    I don't think that his failure is his age factor. He has played some brilliant shot in this same innings. We have seen some highly talented players like Imran Khan and Steve waugh who in their 40s, successfully captained their team and lead from the front. How we can forget our own Robin Singh who continuous played his best without showing his age. So, I won't call his failure as age factor. It only prove that he is not God but a simple human who can fails. Also, this is one of his rare occasion when he failed to finish his job. How can we forget the 2011 world cup final match when in that critical situation, he hit the six and won the match in final ball!
    So, for me he is still the one of the best finisher in cricket.

    If Sachin did not score a century in his final innings does not prove that he is not one of the greatest batsman, cricket world has produced.

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    Just cannot understand as to how Dhoni has given up the yesterday match when India was very much in winning situation. Sometimes over confidence against the opposite team and talking the situation light also has the lasting impression on a player. Eight runs in one over was not the big task and Dhoni really let the game go the other way much to annoying of fans. In this case he proved to be the match destroyer. It takes guts to play the last over and only a seasoned batsman with lots of patience may succeed. In the garb of excuse by not executing the last ball , Dhoni cannot escape from his foolish act.
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    With the passage of time, Dhoni has been losing his earlier reflex and hand-eye coordination. He is mentally not that strong when his mentor in the BCCI, Mr. Srinivasan, is no longer at the helm. Dhoni is now married and is a proud father of a daughter. The combined effect of all these factors has made Dhoni little bit vulnerable. Yes, he is not a great finisher now.
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    Yes, no doubt at all, someday is not good for all players even the god of cricket Sachin tendulkar is not consistent every time when he use to play, he also got out on zero run many time in his career, so in cricket the player someday lose his form and someday they do runs a lot which make them surper hero, I think now we should not call him the best finisher in the world as I think his age is almost a retired player age, he is fit but not enough to play in the Indian cricket squad, I personally think that he should retire now.
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