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    Inspired by the PM, a retired lady pensioner donates Rs. 50,000/-

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi today cited the case of an octogenarian retired lady teacher who has donated Rs 50,000/- for the Govt. programme to replace the smoke-emitting "chulhas" (stoves) on which many poor women of the country have to cook food. "An 84-year-old retired lady teacher, who has given up her LPG subsidy, wrote to me praising the programme to supply cooking gas to poor women to give them relief from 'chulha' smoke, and has sent a donation of Rs 50,000 for the programme," the Prime Minister said in his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio address.

    I hereby convey my utmost respect to the retired lady teacher for her extremely generous act. This is because I know how Indian women suffer due to 'chulha' smoke. My mother used such 'chulha' for more then 20 years. As a result, she has now been suffering from heart problem, which is only managed and can't be permanently cured.

    Hat's off to the retired lady teacher, whose name I could not find till now!
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    Prime Minister Modi's ways are truly inspiring. In the same address mentioned by the author he also said -

    'For me, 5th September is not only Teacher's Day but a day of learning as well. I salute Gopichand. He has shown what it is like to be a good teacher. I consider him a better teacher today than a sportsman'.

    We can very well imagine as to how the legendary coach Pullela Gopichand might have felt on hearing none other than the Prime Minister of India saluting him for his achievements.

    Perhaps, only Modi can do such wonders, because he is away from day to day routine activities of involving himself in all decisions having delegated most of the work to his team members and thus finding time to remember the persons like the women mentioned by the author of the thread.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wow what a noble gesture from the grand old teacher for the cause of the Nation by donating her pension for the purpose of providing cooking gas to the poor. This noble gesture is the slap on the face of our so called MP's who are getting whooping salaries with the revised pay scales and doing nothing for the Nation. Getting inspired from this gesture of the lady teachers, at least BJP MP's must donate some amount to the PM relief fund for providing free gas connections to the poor who are struggling hard with coal and gas stoves in villages. Hope my message would reach the MP's cutting across party lines.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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