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    Children must be taught about similar words like Inform, uniform, perform etc.

    During the pre- school level the curriculum must be arranged in such a way that children must get accustomed to the similar words which they are going to get in future while writing stories or content. Children are made to learn small words and the teachers are getting applauded for that. But the main thing is missing here.

    For example some words like Inform- means giving the message about some thing or arrival to the concerned. Likewise uniform means - sporting same or similarities without any distinction. And perform means - proving above the rest.

    These are the small examples I have given and the teachers are at liberty to make learning easier by bringing such words which are not given even in the text books.

    Any takers on this ?

    This is the entry for TOW topic.
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    The children learn different words both at school and at the home also even prior to attending school. The only difference is that at school they learn the reading and writing part whereas at the home they just learn the speaking and comprehending the meaning. Thus even without attending any school people develop their own vocabulary in due course and use even very complicated words also.

    Regarding learning the writing and reading part, that is learnt systematically starting with alphabets followed by learning simple words consisting of only two or three letters. The syllabus has been designed scientifically by the experienced experts and the same is followed all over the world.

    The kids are not expected to learn writing words consisting of 5, 6 or more letters without properly learning first 2 or 3 letter words. Regarding writing stories and contents etc. later , first of all, basic grammar has to be learnt and simultaneously vocabulary also has to be enriched by reading books, periodicals and newspaper etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I think inform, uniform and performance is very correlated to students when they're doing anything in their school or participating in any inter school competitions. Uniform is most important to prove themselves i.e. address of a students that inform others about them. Sometimes a student also being praised by its uniform only. Sometimes by seeing a students' performance in any public or inter school competition, they got to know from which school the student belongs to. So I think there is straight relationship in between information-uniform-performance.
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    My entry

    A uniform that brings proud, courage and patriotisn among every person who wears it.

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    Similar words are confusing not only for the children but also for many elder person. Yes, it is very important to teach the students about the similar words from his/her childhood itself because the similar words looks same with different meanings and some of them not only look same but also pronounced as same. When I was in school, I have been taught from the beginning about the same confusing words, some of the examples are :-
    pale/pail, ate/eight, alter/altar, band/banned, buy/bye/by, red/read, blew/blue, no/know etc.

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