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    Surprise! Vishal Dadlani is quitting AAP!

    A very big surprise! Music director and singer Vishal Dadlani yesterday said he quit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on his own after offending the Jain community and that he still saw the AAP as family. In a series of tweets, Dadlani, who has been the most vocal backer of the AAP in Bollywood, insisted that the party has not thrown him out after his derogatory tweet on a Jain religious leader, Tarun Sagar. He said: "A lot is being said against AAP because I chose to quit. I just want to say, AAP is a family". However the music director has advised all to keep faith in Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and AAP.

    In this connection, we must remember that Vishal Dadlani had earlier made extremely derogatory comment on the Digambar Jain community and a religious preacher of the community, Tarun Sagar. It is also astonishing that nobody has lodged complaint against Dadlani so far.
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    Muni Tarun Sagar is a Digambar monk who renounces clothes for the lifetime. He is a highly revered religious leader and was invited by Ram Bilas Sharma , Education Minister of Haryana to address the Haryana assembly on 26.08.2016. Accordingly, he appeared in the assembly and was seated on a dais which was positioned higher than that of the Governor, Chief Minister and the MLAs.

    During his address to the assembly, the enlightened monk talked about female foeticide, politicians with criminal cases filed against them and about the role of Pakistan in terrorism. However, he equated the politics as a wife with dharma as the husband.

    There were many reactions in the media including talk about the secular character of the constitution. However, Vishal Dadlani had tweeted with a graphic card carrying the Monk's photo clicked during his speech in the Haryana assembly.

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    Being a twitter member I am reading his post and counter posts from many and Vishal has been threatned with legal actions for his remarks on Jain Muni who addressed the Harynana Assembly. Being the saint naturally he came naked and addressed the members of the house. The images went viral on social media and every one seen commenting the issue and Vishal also joined but made some derogatory remarks which was disowned by the AAP. Now that he has threatened to resign, there seems to be no end for this controvery, Moreover politicians should not make comment on religious heads or pontifs who work for the community and nothing else.
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    Oh! My hunch was correct. Dadlani has now been booked on the basis of a complaint lodged against him in Delhi Sahadra Police Station. He can even be arrested. Even his mentor, Arvind Kejriwal could not support him in this case.
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