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    Side effects of uniform on college students

    I don't know the exact year on which the uniform dress code was begin in Odisha for college students, but after implementation of this rule I think there are many side effects on both students and the society. College going students became safe to be engaged in several sexual indulgence and illicit activities after class hours or dumping their classes without attending. Due to uniform dress code the rate of sex activities and other criminal acts lessened by college students in our society. I think it is a good attempt by the govt as private colleges already had this since their beginning. Now students became aware and frightened to go to parks, movies and other places with their colleagues while they are on uniform.
    How do you think on this system of uniform and the side effects on college students and on society?

    Its my entry to TOW contest for the week 27th Aug - 3rd Sept'16 - Uniform'
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    The uniform dress code was introduced in the schools due to several reasons. One being the fact to ensure that the students from wealthy as well as poor families wear the same dress to eliminate the 'wealth class' distinction in the schools. The students from wealthy families used to wear very expensive dresses whereas the students from lower middle class and poorer families were forced to wear the dress what their parents could afford.

    Another reason was the ease in managing the students en-masse as the dress used to make it easier to spot the students in crowds and during outings like picnics and excursion tours etc. It facilitates counting of the students during travels and tours organised by the schools. Also, the students could be spotted in case they skip the classes for watching movies and indulging in smoking etc. outside the school also.

    Similar, concepts were applicable in the cases of uniforms of police, military, nurses and professionals like advocates etc. to distinguish them from the commoners.

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    I do not see any side effects of wearing uniform for college students. I am not convinced with the author.
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    In the year of 2007 Odisha Government made compulsory for all college going student to wear same uniform. Yes I agree there is some impact after wearing uniform in college, like there will be no feelings among rich and poor students because of same uniform.
    Out side students can not enter regularly inside the college campus.
    But students are smart and open minded, they do not fear to go out side like parks , movies, outing etc with the uniform, or even they can carry casual dresses in side tehir bag if they want to avoid going out side with the uniform. Also as common man we can able to know the students from which college by their uniform. This is really a good initiative and I think there should be compulsory in every Government and private college for this uniform dress code.

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